Opeth Describe 'Epic' New Album

Mikael Akerfeldt wants to go all-out with huge orchestra sounds in the studio that Queen recorded their greatest work. But will it be too much for some Opeth fans?

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Opeth have stirred excitement in their fan base with fresh news of their eleventh album.

Frontman Mikael Akerfeldt says in a new interview that the new Opeth album will be "epic" and "unusual," and heavily influenced by his friend and collaborator Steven Wilson.

"Some of these things could be easily done with synthetic sounds or effects, but recording the "Storm Corrosion" LP with Steven made me realise what a massive difference it can mean to incorporate the real sh-t," he said in an interview with Decibel (via Prog).

"I'm semi-pretentious in my songwriting and sometimes I go all in. I think it's time for all-in with strings and the full monty… hopefully it won't be a mess."

Now Akerfeldt wants to record at a small studio in the Welsh valleys where Queen famously recorded "Bohemian Rhapsody" to produce the album himself.

The new Opeth album ranked at number 6 in our Most Anticipated Rock Albums of 2014.

What are your hopes for the new Opeth record? Let us know in the comments.

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    wait... severe deja vu... didnt UG post this yesterday???
    Deja vu is your morning cup of coffee when you're at UG. Same point, only phrased in 20 different ways and posted as 20 different articles. Why do I like this place so much?
    UG: hmmm...no good news today. I know! Let's just repost that Opeth thing from yesterday and throw some Mustaine/Josh Homme shit with that and nobody will ever notice!
    "and heavily influenced by his friend and collaborator Steven Wilson" Thats not surprising at all, this can only be great, especially since its 2 geniuses combined
    I hope it is an album like Damnation, the best album IMO and there were no growls in it.
    Damnation is my favorite Opeth record and really stands on its own, but I really like what Akerfeldt is describing the new project as. I've always enjoyed when Opeth goes out of their comfort zone, which is why I enjoyed Heritage a lot more than most people do.
    opeth really has no comfort zone though, they are always pushing their music in new directions, its the best thing about them. I love all of their records, some more than other, but everyone has a certain "feel" to them. opeth forever \m/
    What a headline for this day in age: "_____ described as epic." Everything is described as epic these days! That word has no useful meaning anymore! At least give Akerfeldt some credit and post the whole sentence: "....epic in the true sense of the word."
    I'm going to spend all of Opeth's future album's waiting for them to come close to Watershed.... I sense disappointment.