Opeth Frontman Comments On New Album

Opeth mainman Mikael Akerfeldt has issued an update regarding the band's upcoming album.

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Opeth mainman Mikael kerfeldt has issued the following update, according to Blabbermouth.net:

"Just a quick note to fill you (if you care) in on what's cooking and stuff....like that.....

"Roundhouse/U.K. gig DVD: Well, the music is mixed and it sounds nothing less than awesome I must say. The film material is also edited and it looks great too! We went through a lot of fan interviews as well which was hilarious. Most of the interview material that was shot is going to be used, although there were severe audio problems with some and those can't be used for that reason. I was struck by how drunk all of you fuckers were....great!! I felt like partying myself watching it! All I can say is, it will be pretty good all in all....pretty fucking good indeed. Release date? Don't know right now, I guess late spring. Title? I have it but will announce it later on Opeth.com.

"Next Opeth LP: I'm writing and it's going quite well. I have around a dozen of song ideas. Some are downright evil sounding....a few Bathory (evil era '83-'87) parts, some tech-death ones, some overblown prog ballad ones, one Nick Drake thing, one complete prog thing with triple harmony vocals, one evocative Middle Eastern psychedelic metal arrangement with falsetto vocals (not as wimpy sounding as you might think), one '70s Scorpions sounding bit (like 'Living and Dying' type of stuff), one's totally murky forest-ish sounding dark prog-rock with loud vocals that shifts between major and minor, one tedious ugly/pretty little hobbit sounding symf part with moogs over a classical guitar, some soundtrack-ish sounding ones etc...

"Yes, it's business as usual....

"I don't know when or where we'll record but I guess late this year. I want to make sure it....rocks....somewhat! No titles, lyrics or anything like that so don't ask.

"Wilson/Portnoy thingie: I don't know...maybe it's off, maybe it's on...I've no idea really....don't hold your breath.

"Overall I feel good but my brain is making me sick as I feel (maybe too) inspired.

"Listening to: A-HA, 'Hunting High and Low'...what a song! Tony Macalpine (some '80s shred...I don't know why but I had to listen to him), Camel - 'Snow Goose' (got stuck in an endless airport que and needed to 'calm down'), Jan Johansson - 'Jazz p Svenska' (endless fave but listened to it as well for the above reason, same que), Judas Priest - 'Sad Wings of Destiny' (If you ask why, you're a geek!).

"Sorry, this message is fucked up and disjointed but that's where I'm at right now."

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    2 of my good friends were at the gig where they recorded the above mentioned dvd. they were interviewed and all . cant wait for new opeth material.
    Great. Can't wait for the new album... Hopefully they plan on returning to the states with the (hopefully) following tour because I will not miss them again. These articles are always better when they're actual quotes from the artists, and so you know if Mikael is describing the new stuff as "downright evil" it's gotta be good. Personally I'm looking forward the most to "one evocative Middle Eastern psychedelic metal arrangement with falsetto vocals".