Opeth Frontman: 'I Approached New Album's Lyrics Like a Diary'

Akerfeldt reveals lyric writing process as Pale Communion review surfaces.

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In a new interview with Roadrunner Records Germany, Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt has talked about the lyric writing process for new album "Pale Communion."

As the singer/guitarist notes, unlike previous offerings from the band, which have been more conceptual, the lyrics on the new album were of a personal nature:

"Writing lyrics is not my forte, but I had to have something. I didn't really have any better options. I've done a few concept records with lyrics that haven't related back to my private life at all, but this time around I approached the lyrics almost like the form of a diary. Writing down thoughts, like everybody does. The difference is that I'm singing it to the world."

The album, which is released on August 26th, has been reviewed strongly by Metal Sucks, who note that:

"Despite a healthy dose of unevenness (which frankly has also become a staple of this band for ages now), 'Pale Communion' offers a great deal of progressive mastery that manages to pay homage to the forefathers of the genre while retaining a sense of the band's personal style throughout."

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    This album... It's gonna be a grower. But I know it WILL grow. It's just some very jarring sounds coming from Opeth (I mean, practically major-key acoustic chords on one tune?) but it certainly has some amazing passages and it's worth a listen. I LOVED Heritage, almost because it did totally give metal the middle finger and focused on my true love: 70s prog textures. This one brings back some heaviness, but it's really different. It's not a retread of Heritage, but it's not a return to their old style.
    As a huge 70s prog fan, I believe I'll just love Pale Communion. Just like I love Heritage.
    I have no idea if I'm excited about this album or not. Everything that I hear about it leaves mixed feelings, and so does these news about the lyrics. I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
    Composition: Ghost Reveries Sound: Heritage if you like they're songwriting, you might like it if you like they're older sound, you probably won't i think its great
    What you need to know is that Cusp of Eternity is not representative of the overall vibe of the album AT ALL (at least that's my opinion).
    100% agree, Cusp of Eternity is waaaaay off the whole album vibe... I think its a great record. Sure, it's not the Opeth that people fell in love with many years ago, but it's still a great Opeth that should make people fall in love with them
    I am big Opeth fan and in my opinion Pale Communion is not a better album than Heritage. This comes from someone who actually enjoyed Heritage, btw. To me it sounds like a dumbed down, watered down version of it, without the surprise factor. Apart from a few moments in the track River, you will not find anything you haven't heard before by Opeth or other artists, and to me, that lack of freshness is unforgivable.