Opeth Heading in 'Hard Rock/Heavy Metal' Direction on New Album

artist: Opeth date: 09/04/2013 category: new releases
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Opeth Heading in 'Hard Rock/Heavy Metal' Direction on New Album
As Opeth are preparing to set sail on this year's Melloboat cruise festival, frontman Mikael Akerfeldt took some time to discuss the new record. According to Akerfeldt, the band is looking to take another turn with their music and head in more of a hard rock and heavy metal direction. As the singer/guitarist described it, Opeth will go "a bit heavier," but not "death metal heavy." "We've been looking at Rockfield Studios in Wales where Queen recorded 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' but we haven't made a decision yet," Mikael told Expressen. "But it will be an expensive album. There's a lot going on, lots of string arrangements that we haven't had in the past." The frontman then specifically focused on the sound. "[It's] maybe a little bit heavier," he explained (via Blabbermouth). "Not death metal heavy, but hard rock/heavy metal heavy. Theres also lots of progressive elements and acoustic guitars, but also more sinister-sounding riffs." Akerfeldt will also be in charge of the production duties. According to the latest reports, four new songs are already written, with three more on the way. The latest Opeth studio effort, "Heritage," hit the shelves in September 2011, scoring a No. 19 debut on the Billboard 200 chart with 19,000 copies sold in the US during the first week.
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