Opeth Premiere New Song 'Eternal Rains'

Akerfeld and co. turn up the prog, and it's good.

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Opeth have officially unveiled the second single off their upcoming new album "Pale Communion," a swingin' prog jam titled "Eternal Rains."

About two months after the first single "Cusp of Eternity" was premiered, the new track sees the band venturing forth in the same proggy direction, with many twists and turns, quality production and fine musicianship.

As expected, fan reactions vary quite a bit, ranging from new-direction praises to full-on bashing. Whichever side you might be on, we still recommend checking out the tune below.

When it comes to the new album, "Pale Communion" is still due out on August 26 via Roadrunner Records. You can pre-order it here.

Frontman Mikael Akerfeldt recently gave a very sincere interview, explaining to Metal Hammer how the group's prog rock stint and "rebelling" against metal strictly come out of their love towards the guitar-heavy genre.

"Metal should be rebellious, even within its own genre," he pointed out, noting that "there are lots of bands that don't seem to like what they're doing." Adding that "a lot of metal bands don't have the guts to experiment," Akerfeldt switched to Opeth, saying, "Maybe what we are doing is rebelling against metal, but only 'cause we love it so much."

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    Drums were just awesomely done. A very tasty/touchy song.
    LOL at Slipknot's new song compared to this.
    Yea and the slipknot song article has 30+ comments! Not that slipknot is bad (though overrated imo) but Opeth is miles better!
    And Decapitated's new song is better than both of these tracks. Not that it matters, because the three bands sound nothing alike.
    After this, I don't even care if Opeth never goes back to metal. There are plenty of bands that do their older style as well, if not better (Barren Earth, Be'lakor, Xanthochroid). But I loved Heritage, and this is even an improvement over that. Mikael has one of the best clean voices in metal, and I'm fine with that getting the spotlight.
    Brilliant song. Absolutely love it. And nobody does production like Steven Wilson anymore. There is just something epic about everything he touches.
    It's very cool that they don't try to please the fans by relasing some "old school Opeth" music, but instead of it they still try to expand prog rock horizons.
    i didnt like the proggy intro much, but the acoustic part was really nice and i like the vocals and solo. mostly a very good track.
    Why should people be surprised about this? We already knew Opeth could go from full on melt your face albums to eerie acoustic albums. This is an awesome song
    Sorry, I'm slightly new to opeth although I love their music. Which album is the acoustic one, or is it just like a lot of their stuff that has the acoustic intro's etc? Cheers
    Flying Afros
    Damnation is the first album they did with no death growls and mostly clean guitars. But most Opeth songs have some acoustic/clean electric guitar in there somewhere, even on Orchid.
    This song is so much better than Cusp of Eternity in every way. If the entire albums is like this, it will make me a glad man.
    Unfortunately it's not. Hopefuly it'll grow on me, until then, let's be happy that Opeth has a broad variety of records.
    I love Opeth, my god. They were one of the first bands that really got be into metal back with Ghost Reveries and Blackwater Park but I've been a fan of prog for a while too and I welcome this change in direction. The whole album was leaked a while ago, and I gave in and listened to it. I'll definitely be buying a copy at release.
    The whole album has a king crimson/jethro tull/ELP vibe with some of your standard opeth progressions. A much better effort than Heritage and I really dig this sound. Opeth did 10 albums of heavy metal, if this is the direction they want to go in at the moment, i'm very happy it sounds like this. the drums are so JAZZ!
    This is really damn tasty. The atmosphere, the erratic drums and that organ in the background really make me think of King Crimson. And that is a good thing.
    Nice song. A very different approach by Opeth. Good effort!!
    Can't say as I've really ever listened to Opeth before, but damn this is one tasty song! I think I may be hooked. Any suggestions as to what album an Opeth noob should check out first?
    Blackwater Park and/or Ghost Reveries if you don't mind growls, Damnation if you do mind growls.
    still life. theres a lot of death growls, some folky acoustics/vocals, almost poppy melodic cleans: a bit of everything.
    I second the Blackwater Park for someone new to the band, but I think My Arms, Your Hearse is their best album.
    And if you prefer the more mellow/proggy stuff, their last record Heritage might just suit you.
    Heritage was a disappointment but this track is sooooo goooood. So excited for this album
    First minute and a bit could have been cut out in my opinion but rest of it was solid.