Opeth Stream Entire New Album Online

Swedish prog metal masters Opeth stream their controversial, scream-free new album.

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Swedish prog metal masters Opeth are about to release their controversial, scream-free new album Heritage' via Roadrunner, and now you can hear what all the fuss is about for yourself!

NPR are streaming Heritage' in full from this location, so if you fancy a slice of the proggy stuff, you best go and check out what has been one of 2011's most talked-about releases.

The tracklist for Heritage' is as follows:

01. Heritage 02. The Devil's Orchard 03. I Feel The Dark 04. Slither 05. Nepenthe 06. Hxprocess 07. Famine 08. The Lines In My Hand 09. Folklore 10. Marrow Of The Earth

The Swedes will also be touring the UK on the following dates this November (support for all dates comes from Pain Of Salvation):

8th Academy, Bristol UK 9th Academy, Newcastle UK 10th Picture House, Edinburgh UK 11th Academy, Manchester UK 12th Academy, Birmingham UK 13th Brixton Academy, London UK

Many thanks to metal hammer for the story.

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    Mikael seems to be using less growls with each album. But I have to say, this is probably one of the best albums I've ever listened too.
    Best news I've heard all year. Loving the album. But to be honest I hope Mikael goes back to the old vocal style in the next album, because if this is less of an experiment and more of a full on genre change then...
    I like this new album so far. I'm sure they will still play the heavy stuff live, so I won't be disappointed.
    Well I since I can't listen to Dream Theater's new album and I've listened to Primus's new one a lot already, I have a new NEW album to listen to
    refreshing, but i would have equally enjoyed more Opeth-metal. good for them though, doing what they want to do.
    I really want to wait until it comes out, cuz im just that kind of person, but i cant help but take a little taste... in my humble opinion, Opeth can do no wrong
    Eirien wrote: I'm very excited to hear it but I'm gonna wait until I get the hard copy and listen to Steve's 5.1 mix.
    +1 except I didn't wait Awesome record.
    Eirien wrote: I'm very excited to hear it but I'm gonna wait until I get the hard copy and listen to Steve's 5.1 mix.
    I'm very excited to hear it but I'm gonna wait until I get the hard copy and listen to Steve's 5.1 mix.
    Liking this. I know the metal fans are not happy, but they can't deny this is good shiz.
    This album is clearly not the "Opeth" we have grown to love with the best growls, the best classic acoustic guitar/singing along with spectacular druming and guitar rifts that give you chills it's so epic. I for one thought that there is no other band in this world that could compete with Opeth's "epicness" and I still do think this when reguarding their first 8 albums. But Watershed started the downfall...while I think Watershed is actually better than Heritage...it was still bad as in the quality of the music. I'm not saying it's bad as in Opeth sucks! I'm saying the quality, the "epicness" of the music was like it was recorded in a basement instead of a studio. Heritage takes this to a whole new level...the drum work on this album is hideous...WTF happend? Sounds like whoever is playing the drums in this album is a amature to be honest. The epic "electric metal" guitar rifts in Heritage are non-existent. This album to me sounds like a completely different band all together. The only good thing about Heritage is that Mikale got to make a album that he always wanted to make and I respect him for that but hate him for that at the same time. Who else is with me on this? I am a Opeth fan for life but it hurts me to see them go in this direction. PLEASE BRING BACK THE GROWLS AND "EPICNESS" while still keeping the "soft rock"?? approach heard in Heritage!!!!