Opeth Talk New Album Guitars: 'Guitar-Wise, Everything Came From PRS'

Frontman Mikael Akerfeldt gives a rundown of the band's live and studio equipment.

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After giving several major updates, Opeth frontman Mikael Akerfeldt recently focused on the equipment used by the band during the new album's recording process.

In an interview published on Guitar World, Mikael also discussed to overall production approach the group opted to take. "In our genre, or in the metal scene, I think most bands tend to go for a really modern, contemporary metal sound, which is cool, I guess, but it's not something we like so much," he kicked off.

"It fits our music better to do it a bit more old-school and to have more of an organic, warmer sound. That's what we're opting for on this album, and we did that on the last one too," Akerfeldt added.

Focusing on the equipment, the frontman first delved into the amp domain. "Guitar-wise, we had a bunch of Marshalls," he said. "We're endorsed by Marshall. The amp we ended up using the most was the Yngwie Malmsteen signature model, mainly for the rhythms. We also had a Marshall Bluesbreaker combo that sounded fantastic. Then we also had the Joe Satriani signature head and 1960 cabs. We had two of those, but I think we ended up using only one of them."

Switching to guitar models, Mikael added, "Guitar-wise, everything came from PRS. I also played on a newly acquired Gibson Flying V, a '79 - and a couple of Strats. I have a '68 Custom Shop acrylic Strat that sounded great and a '62 Strat I picked up and put the body and the pickups together myself. I left it to a guitar shop that has one of those plek machines, which gave it a really, really nice setup.

"Frederik [Akesson, guitarist] also used his old Gibson Junior P90," the frontman continued. "Oh, and the acoustic parts were played on the PRS Angelus. Frederik and I have one each of those and we use that for all acoustics. So we have a bunch of stuff and some pedals. But we kept pretty simple with a nice, easy setup, and Frederik was really active in setting up the sound. He's pickier and pays more attention to detail than I do. So he was really bossing me around for the sound of the guitars."

Asked on whether he plans on using the mentioned Gibson Flying V live, Akerfeldt replied, "No, we're endorsed by PRS so when we play live we only play PRS guitars. But you never know. If there was a song that absolutely needed a V or whatever it might be, of course I would play it. PRS isn't going to cut our throats if we play another brand, but we are really, really happy with PRS. They've basically given us all we need when it comes to guitars. To this day we've never had a problem with any of their guitars. I think we'll just stick to playing PRS live and support them."

Finally, Mikael once again confirmed plans for a June release, adding that the record's title should be unveiled "within the next week or so."

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    Love me some Opeth - I've actually had 'Ghost Reveries' on loop all day, phenomenal album. Stoked for this next one, all Opeth is good Opeth, growls or no growls.