Opeth Unveil 'Pale Communion' Cover Artwork, Album Due in August

Pre-orders set to kick off in June, more details inside.

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Opeth have officially unveiled the cover artwork of their upcoming record "Pale Communion," due out on August 26 via Roadrunner Records.

The band has once again joined forces with artist Travis Smith, you can check out the final outcome below.

The group has also confirmed that the pre-orders will kick off next Tuesday (June 3). If you pre-order the album, you will receive an instant download of lead single "Cusp of Eternity," as well as the second single due on July 15.

Discussing the new effort, frontman Mikael Akerfeldt described it as possibly the most melodic Opeth release.

"There's definitely more attention to melodies and I wouldn't say it's an easy-listening album at all, but there's more melody than ever before, not just 'Heritage,'" he told Metal Assault. "I'm hoping that people who liked 'Heritage' will like this one too and also fans who liked the old s--t will hopefully like this one as well, and may be some new fans. You never know!"

As reported, the album release was mysteriously pushed back from June to August, causing an uproar among fans due to lack of professionalism from the label.

"Pale Communion" track listing:

01. Eternal Rains Will Come
02. Cusp of Eternity
03. Moon Above, Sun Below
04. Elysian Woes
05. Goblin
06. River07. Voice of Treason08. Faith in Others

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    In case anyone's wondering about what the Latin text on the painting says: "Don’t you know, my son, with how little wisdom the world is governed?" (Left) "In these days friends are won through flattery, the truth gives birth to hate." (Middle) "He grieves truly who grieves without a witness." (Right) Cannot wait for this album!
    This could be awesome, but then again, it could not be awesome. Essentially, all the range of possibilities.
    This is Opeth. This could be awesome, but then again, it could be f*cking super-orgasmic-brilliant. Essentially, all the range of awesomeness.
    Opeth has always been awesome. I mean name one bad album from Opeth. #OpethIsBest
    Well, I wouldn't say "Heritage" is bad, but it's their worst album. All of their previous albums are much, much better. Basically, what I mean is that Opeth was awesome in all albums except for "Heritage".
    im going to double down on this and say that, yea heritage was awful
    Opinions people. Imo, I think that Heritage is a brilliant album.
    Id love to hear what albums you consider brilliant..
    Well if you'd love to hear I would say my top 5 are: 1. Meddle - Pink Floyd 2. Selling England by the pound - Genesis 3. Ghost Reveries - Opeth 4. This Godless Endeavor - Nevermore and 5. Symbolic - Death. These are my personnal favorites fyi. And Heritage wasn't Opeth trying to be a 70's prog band, it was Opeth experiencing with different sounds and recording techniques, which I liked very much. I don't care if there are no growling vocals or the songs are not 12 mins, I loved it and I like the fact that Michael is doing what he loves and what he thinks is better for the band.
    Heritage was Opeth trying to be a '70s prog band. Which would have been fine, if it had not been so obvious. But since it was obvious...it's an issue!
    Oh look yet more fans thinking they know what goes on in a bands writing process because it's different from their other stuff. Yawn.
    Album came with a DVD - on the DVD Mikael says what they're doing outright. Just because you don't know doesn't mean other people don't.
    How is this downvoted? I've seen this as a fairly common opinion. I think more or less the same: I like Heritage, but it's the first "not awesome" album for me, and I think it would have been A LOT better if not the unnecessary attempts at vintage hard rock sound at times, which sometimes didn't fit the rest of the song or atmosphere at all.(FAMINE.) And I still think the best songs were the ones which were genuinely new and different: Nepenthe and Haxprocess. Also less new and more like old Opeth without the "vintage-isation" - Heritage and I Feel The Dark.
    Also, the first single has leaked. Here it is.
    for a first single release i'd say this is pretty promising. The first ones tend to be the most radio friendly ones and if this is anything to go by the rest of the album could be pretty special
    I'm disappointed. Like Heritage, he stays on one mediocre (at best) riff for the entire song (see slither). Whatever happened to power of Opeth? The soul wrenching riffs? I miss them. Even the clean songs are very moving.. Fair Judgement, Absent Friends, Hours of Wealth, Isolation Years, Benighted, Harvest, the whole Damnation album, etc.. Storm Corrosion was AWESOME and Akerfeldt wrote all of the guitar! Just god damn it all man!!!! It's like he doesn't even care anymore.
    It's not bad, it just seems to me that Opeth have forgotten what makes them so great musically. It was the way the band had such contrasting elements with their metal elements and their folk and prog-rock elements and made them them blend together in separate passages.I also feel the atmosphere has really disappeared, there's no ambiance soaked passages with heavy delay and soft vocals, it's all sort a fairly standard prog-rock mush, I really hope they go back to their older sound.
    maybe they're just making the music they want to make. crazy unbelieveable thought, i know.
    they are making the music they want to make?! YOU DONT SAY!
    i'm just saying them having forgotten anything that makes them great musically is a silly way to put things. cool your jets.
    Seems like a mix of something from Grand Conjuration and Watershed. Those chorus also seem forced as hell, as if it was written to have some kind of harsh vocals in it, but since he won't do them anymore because he's hipster now, they made some generic chorus bullshit. At least its not Heritage.
    Sounds nothing like those amazing albums.
    I meant it as "leftovers from(...)". This song is boring as hell, Its essentially 5 minutes of the same riff, so yea,in that sense I agree that it doesn't sound like the albums I mentioned. Also, I meant Ghost Reveries instead of Grand Conjuration.
    The cover would look nicer if it was just one of those 3 pictures, the wall with 3 pictures and a ray of sunlight just looks tacky! Good job Opeth is one of the best bands in the world then!
    Maybe that song is good for other band, but for Opeth... meh.
    legend shredder
    I never thought I'd say this about an Opeth song, but it's just so...dull musically. The same thing throughout the whole song. Mikael's voice is great as always, but I dunno, it's missing the usual....Opeth-ness in my opinion.
    I'm glad they're making the music they want, really, but this isn't for me at all. Them feelings when you just know the end came between you and a band, and all you have to hold to are old memories...
    i like that they have never been content to record the same album every time, sometimes its not the best but at least it shows evolution. for me though they would have to release some utter shit for me to dissmiss them as the back catalougue is insanely strong, especialy on a leaked first single.....
    insight is always relative to prospective when agreements or disagreements are openly discussed.
    Weird Opeth is weird as always. But seems very promising and I'm really anxious to hear it.
    I don't know why people keep bashing this new single. It's the *SINGLE* people, of course it's not going to have sixteen different sections and moods like most of their material...just look at previous singles like Slither, Porcelain Heart, Burden, The Grand Conjuration - all fairly simple songs (by Opeth's standards). I'm digging the atmosphere and the groove of this track, great melodies and some really intersting riffs in there. My only gripe is that maybe the structure isn't adventurous enough for Opeth, but then again, it's the SINGLE, people. Appreciate a great song for what it is. That guitar solo is mega, and there's some really interesting riffs going on between the verses. I can't wait for the album. A track-by-track review of the album said this was by far the least "proggy"/complex song on the record - so fear not I believe the rest of the album will be as wonderfully unpredictable as the rest of their backcatalogue
    8 tracks, that means long songs...
    Metal Injection revealed the track lengths, though not necessarily in track order since they weren't given song titles when they reviewed it: 1) 6:46 2) 5:36 (Cusp of Eternity) 3) 10:53 4) 4:46 5) 4:32 (Goblin, instrumental) 6) 7:31 7) 7:47 8) 8: 02 So, there you have it. Longish songs.
    Pretty short by Opeth standards, up until Watershed 10 minutes was average length pretty much.
    The only way he describes this album is "there's a lot of melodies". LOL. Thanks for that, Mikael. I'm expecting melodies for days then and hooks galore.
    I am somewhat sad that Opeth has gone in a less heavy direction of late, and that the death growls (and death metal) have been absent. But I fully respect the band for not making music for other people, but making music that they want to hear, as they've always said. They are keeping their integrity. If I don't like a certain album, I will simply listen to all the others that I love so much (like Still Life! \m/). I can't comment on the Heritage discussion as I don't have it yet (but have purchased it recently and will receive soon). Opeth is one of the best bands in history IMO, and I will be buying Pale Communion to check it out. \m/