Opeth's 'Watershed' Cracks Australian Top 10

Opeth's new album, "Watershed", has entered the Australian chart at position No. 7.

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Opeth's new album, "Watershed", has entered the Australian chart at position No. 7. As previously reported, the CD has also landed at No. 14 in Holland and No. 15 in Japan (Oricon chart).

"Watershed" was recorded in the band's native Sweden and produced by frontman/guitarist Mikael kerfeldt and Jens Bogren. All the songs were written by kerfeldt apart from "Porcelain Heart", which was co-written with new guitarist Fredrik kesson. One additonal track, "Derelict Herds", was also recorded and this was written by Mikael kerfeldt and Per Wiberg. On top of this, three cover songs were recorded. "Bridge of Sighs" from Robin Trower's 1974 LP of the same title, "Den Stndiga Resan" (sung in Swedish) by Marie Fredriksson as well as the classic Alice In Chains song "Would?" The album was recorded at Fascination Street studios between November 1 and December 13, 2007. Some additional recording was done between January 3 and January 7.

Opeth recently filmed a promotional video for an edit of the song "Porcelain Heart". The clip was directed by Lasse Hoile (Porcupine Tree) and shot in Vaxholm, Sweden at the marvellous Bogesund castle, built in the 1640s. The edit was done by Jens Bogren and Opeth mainman Mikael kerfeldt.

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    webbtje wrote: Good for them. They deserve it, as they deserve a bit more $$$.
    seriously, man. its about time they start getting the fame they deserve. mikael akerfeldt is one of the most talented people i've honestly ever heard. i also don't think fame would ever be an issue for him either. he doesn't seem like the kind of person that would let that get to him.
    Very good album. More progressive than the others, would appeal more to non death metal fans.
    The whole album is frigging awesome... they deserve the TOP spot haha. Just shows a lot of Australians have good taste
    No wonder, it's bloody awesome! Just bought Blackwater Park today! Roll on November \m/
    "as well as the classic Alice In Chains song "Would?" it ain't on the disc, Derelict Herds is.
    got the special edition one freaking nice. I luv the last song a brutal yet beautiful ending to this album. Hope for their next album to be awesome.(..but when has Opeth let their fans down =D)
    I bought the album and went into the first listen with a lot of worry. I liked the old line-up and was really worried about the new guitarist. I don't like some of the solos the new guy came up. My favorite part about Opeth has been the bluesy solos over super driven black metal. A lot of the new guy's solos come off as being faster than they need to be just for the sake of being fast. There are a couple of drum parts that stick out too. There isn't the usual balance all the way through the album. All that said, I think watershed is very good. It's not their best by far, but I'm glad they are charting well. They deserve it after almost 20 years of quality work.
    Derelict Herds is my favourite track from the new cd, even though it's only on the special edition, it's awesome.