Out of the Blue: Slash Spotted in the Studio!

GN'R not touring until late May, leaving plenty of space for studio stuff...

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Out of the Blue: Slash Spotted in the Studio!

A surprising photo of Slash in the studio has surfaced, featuring GN'R legend at the Twiins Studio with producer Juan C. Llanes.

At the moment, Guns N' Roses are not touring, and won't be hitting the road until late May.

As far as solo stuff goes, Alter Bridge are busy with tour dates right now, with an upcoming run starting April 21, meaning Myles Kennedy is probably busy to join The Conspirators.

Back in August 2016, a report surfaced claiming that GN'R are working on a new record that will be packed with guest appearances.

Anyhow, stay tuned.

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    Myles touring with Alter Bridge, GRN not touring, and Slash hits the studio...This can only mean GNR is working on a new album. Hope restored. Light the beacons!
    Don't get your hopes up. Just because he was pictured with a producer doesn't even mean he was in the studio. When it comes to recording new material, Axl complicates everyhting endlessly. He said the CD lineup had two albums ready to go back in like 2012 and nothing happened.
    The producer commented: "es actual, solo fue una visita." He was only visiting the studio. Chill, dude
    A Chinese Democracy without the industrial An Apettite for Destruction without the reverb in drums A shorter Use Your Ilusion, and not thaaat bluesy I'm fucking excited!!