Ozzy Osbourne: Classic Album Reissues Due In May

The much-talked about Ozzy Osbourne reissues are on the horizon.

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The much-talked about Ozzy Osbourne reissues are on the horizon.

After a few delays, Ozzy has announced a May 31 release date for the 30th Anniversary editions of his landmark solo albums, "Blizzard Of Oz" (1980) and "Diary Of A Madman" (1981).

The legacy of these albums was scarred in 2002 when Sharon Osbourne let her emotions get the better of her during legal issues with former Ozzy bandmates Bob Daisley (bass) and Lee Kerslake (drums).

In an effort to erase Bob and Lee's contributions, Sharon re-released these records with their parts re-recorded by Ozzy's then-current band members, Robert Trujillo (now with Metallica) and drummer Mike Bordin. The original versions of the albums disappeared.

The 30th Anniversary Edition of "Blizzard of Ozz" CD includes the original album in its entirety, restored and remastered for this edition, with bonus tracks, while the new Legacy Edition of "Diary of a Madman" includes the original album in its entirety, restored and remastered for this edition, with a bonus second CD of previously unreleased live performances featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads with rhythm section Rudy Sarzo (bass) and Tommy Aldridge (drums). A single disc version of the remastered "Diary of a Madman" will also be available.

For serious fans and collectors, the limited edition 30th Anniversary deluxe boxed set houses the restored and remastered vinyl and CD editions of "Blizzard" and "Diary," the "Ozzy Live" compact disc. Beyond the music, the box set is highlighted by a variety of exclusives including an expansive 100-page coffee table book, a two-sided wall-size poster, a precise and detailed full-size replica of Ozzy's iconic gold cross that he has worn for 30 years, and "Thirty Years After The Blizzard" DVD.

This new "Thirty Years After The Blizzard" DVD chronicles Ozzy's years with Randy Rhoads features previously unseen footage of Ozzy and Randy filmed in 1981 & 1982; it incorporates rare archival photos and films; along with new and revelatory interviews with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Lemmy (Motrhead), Steve Vai, Nikki Sixx, Rob Halford, Zakk Wylde, Bill Ward and more. The DVD also contains over 70 minutes of additional rare live performances and interviews; included is the premiere of more than 30 minutes of newly-discovered never-bootlegged footage of Ozzy and Randy from the Blizzard of Ozz tour shot from the front of the stage at New York's fabled Palladium on May 2, 1981.

Blizzard Of Ozz (30th Anniversary Expanded Edition)

01. I Don't Know (5:13) 02. Crazy Train (4:51) 03. Goodbye To Romance (5:33) 04. Dee (0:49) 05. Suicide Solution (4:17) 06. Mr. Crowley (5:02) 07. No Bone Movies (3:52) 08. Revelation (Mother Earth) (6:08) 09. Steal Away (The Night) (3:28)

Bonus Tracks 10. You Looking At Me, Looking At You (Non-LP B-Side, Previously Unreleased in the U.S.) (4:15) 11. Goodbye To Romance (2010 Guitar & Vocal Mix, Previously Unreleased) (5:42) 12. RR (Previously Unreleased Randy Rhoads guitar solo) (1:13)

Diary Of A Madman (Legacy Edition)

Disc 1 01. Over The Mountain (4:31) 02. Flying High Again (4:44) 03. You Can't Kill Rock And Roll (6:59) 04. Believer (5:15) 05. Little Dolls (5:39) 06. Tonight (5:50) 07. S.A.T.O. (4:07) 08. Diary Of A Madman (6:14)

Disc 2 - Ozzy Live (recorded on the Blizzard of Ozz tour) 01. I Don't Know 02. Crazy Train 03. Believer 04. Mr. Crowley 05. Flying High Again 06. Revelation (Mother Earth) 07. Steal Away (The Night) 08. Suicide Solution 09. Iron Man 10. Children Of The Grave 11. Paranoid

Diary of a Madman/Blizzard of Ozz 30th Anniversary Deluxe Box Set

Box Set Includes:

  • Blizzard Of Ozz (30th Anniversary Expanded Edition)
  • Diary Of A Madman (Legacy Edition)
  • Blizzard Of Ozz (180-gram LP original album only)
  • Diary Of A Madman (180-gram LP original album only)

    DVD - contains "Thirty Years After The Blizzard" documentary - and additional rare and unreleased performances and interviews.

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      This is so sweet. I'm definitely going to get both of these. The only 2 Ozzy albums worth owning, IMO. Randy Rhoads was a god.
      Is disc two of diary of a madman the album tribute? or is it another preformance?
      HOW MUCH IS IT?!? STOP ANNOUNCING THINGS AND NOT TELLING US HOW MUCH THEY ARE! seriously, how are we supposed to know how much to save up?
      Of course this would be announced RIGHT after I spend way too much time tracking down the original releases of both... asdflkjladglasRAGE
      This is great news but there is more footage not being released. I think the price is $149.00 Why is this not front page news?
      I suspect that disc 2 is tribute. That's somewhat dissappointing if it is, since it's already available.
      PS, I am so getting this! I grew up listening to Randy and Ozzy, and my original vinyl copies of Blizzard and Diary are scratched up enough!
      I had the 2002 remaster of Blizzard, and just bought an original copy on vinyl, but it's heavily worn. I can't wait for this to be available. The magic of these albums should never be lost.