Ozzy Osbourne on '13': 'It's Better Than My Wildest Dreams'

Black Sabbath frontman reveals his excitement about the forthcoming album.

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Ozzy Osbourne, interviewed by Australia's Triple M radio, stated about Black Sabbath's new CD (via Blabbermouth):

"The album is mindblowing, [that's] how good it is. I'm so over the moon about the way the album turned out. We wrote 16 songs and I put it on my CD player, expecting me to be unhappy with the end result, but this big grin came on my face and my hair on the back on my neck [stood up] It's better than my wildest dreams; it's so good."

He continued: "People have been quoting me that this album was quite possibly the most important album of my career. What I meant by that is I didn't want it to sound like a follow-up to 'Never Say Die!', 'cause that was when we were dying out within the band."

Osbourne, Tonny Iommi and Geezer Butler recorded the album primarily in Los Angeles with producer Rick Rubin. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include three seven-plus-minute behemoths "End Of The Beginning", "God Is Dead" and "Epic", as well as a track about killing pedophile priests ("Dear Father") and another about the scourge of methamphetamine addiction ("Methademic").

"Rick Rubin, I'd run into him from time to time over the years, and he goes, 'Any chance of Sabbath reforming, if you do, I would love to produce the album,'" Ozzy said. "And he did such a great job on the album. I know if you're a Sabbath fan, you will not be disappointed. It's so Sabbath-y, it's scary. It's the album we should have made after [1973's] 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.'"

He added: "Believe me, I'm the guy that goes, 'Ah, there's a mistake there.' I look for the mistake. If there's one mistake, I'll find it. But this album is great, perfect. It's very, very heavy, there's no getting away from the fact that it is Black Sabbath, and you can hear every instrument and everything clearly. It's so heavy. I'm so excited about it."

Black Sabbath's new album, "13" - the first in 35 years to feature bassist Geeezer Butler, guitarist Tony Iommi and singer Ozzy Osbourne - will be released on June 11 via Vertigo/Universal Republic in the U.S. and Vertigo in all other territories. The drum tracks on the group's first LP with Osbourne since 1978 were laid down by Rage Against the Machine sticksman Brad Wilk following original drummer Bill Ward's decision to bow out of the reunion.

Listen to the interview below.

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    Ozzys wildest dreams.... gives me chills. Cant wait for this album
    It's amazing that this guy cannot talk enough for people to understand him, but can go out there and sing like he does. Saw him twice and as a guy who is inspired by Sabbath, with or without Bill Ward, I look forward to hearing these songs.
    Okay, until now I had the attitude that "The album will probably be good, but not meassure up to their best stuff...", but now I'm psyched - After what Ozzy said, you cannot call yourself a fan of metal if you're not at least a little excited for this!
    Man I REALLY hope this does not flop because I am beyond excited. Hopefully The Prince of Darkness delivers! And holy f*ck am I pumped for some Iommi shredding
    this will be an overall incredible album i feel along with megadeth and alice in chains may 28th-june11th will be unreal
    Followup to Never Say Die, how ****ing pretentious. Yeah, because Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules, Eternal Idol, Headless Cross, Tyr, and The Devil You Know never happened.
    I'm usually an Ozzy hater (since I grew up with Dio era Sabbath), but even I am kind of excited about this album. Can go wrong with the team of Iommi/Butler
    I'm going to have to believe him, Ozzy's always had a fantastic ear for music. I've pre-ordered the album, can't wait!
    Sometimes when I'm pooping, I like to rock back and forth on the toilet seat while I'm pushing because I feel like that makes it come out smoother.
    I'm definitely excited (It's Sabbath, ffs), but I'll hold my ultimate excitement until I start listening to the album in its' entirety upon release. So many bands/artists pump up their latest release like it's the 2nd coming of christ, which is understandable since it's their own work they put into it, but then the release is a let down. I do still think these guys have it in them to pump out one last final awesome Sabbath record, but I won't agree with Ozzy until I can hear it all myself.