Ozzy Osbourne Planning New Solo Album

The singer has three more records under contract, guitarist Gus G explains.

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Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist and solo artist Gus G recently noted that Black Sabbath vocalist has become interested in releasing a brand new studio effort.

"Ozzy wants to do another solo album, that's for sure," Gus told Noisefull. "As far as I know he has a contract for three more solo albums, so I don't know when he will finish them, if he'll do them and if I'm going to be a part in it, but I certainly know that he wants to do one more solo album."

The guitarist wasn't able to give any additional info, saying, "When is it going to happen, I don't know, because these are his decisions, Sharon's and the whole management's. Now, Black Sabbath have great success and I'm very glad they did this comeback, so we'll be waiting. They've said they're thinking of doing another album, other days they come out and say that this is the last tour, you know how they are... [Laughs]"

Asked on whether the Ozzy gig was "a dream come true," Gus replied with a laugh. "[Laughs] Dream? What dream? I don't think that any guitar player dreams that one time he will play with Ozzy, I personally didn't have this dream, it was like, I don't know..."

Noting that the experience was still "just unbelievable," the guitarist explained it's basically "something you can't expect, especially growing up in a country like Greece, do you ever think 'I will once play with Ozzy or Metallica'? I don't know anyone who says that. [Laughs] Now the way my story went I hope that kids will have such crazy dreams because they can come true."

In related news, the guitarist recently premiered video for his latest single "I Am the Fire," make sure to give it a listen below.

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    Ozzy's solo stuff is slowly getting more repetitive for me, so I would rather Sabbath make an album instead as well.
    Man... he's doing so good with Sabbath right now. I'd rather them do another one (best case with Bill). 13 was great but there's still room. Who needs another Ozzy album when you could have a Sabbath album?
    Agreed, however one more solo album would be killer. And no disrespect to Gus G, but I would rather see an Ozzy / Zakk album.
    All his solo albums are good, but there's hardly anything new to them. I've got enough old ones that are still good. lol ... if he's going solo now, he'll kill off Sabbath forever.
    I would rather see both - a new Black Sabbath album (w/ bill) and a new ozzy solo album. Scream was freaking awesome! terrible album name, but the music was pretty rockin
    Meh, with Gus G I'm not really interested. He's not bad but he doesn't have the unique personality or playing style of his predecessors.
    I kinda hate Black Rain and Scream, they just bore me immensly, but i kinda want a new solo album from him, something that rivals the quality of 90s and 80s Ozzy could be pretty cool.
    I thought that Scream was really good album and has a lot more life in it than Sabbath's last album. Both were great but I'd prefer an Ozzy solo effort with some young energetic members backing him up.