Ozzy Wants Bill Ward for New Sabbath Album

Sabbath are in talks to make a brand new album already, and Ozzy says Bill Ward could finally return after their fallout last year.

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Ozzy Osbourne says that Black Sabbath and Bill Ward could fix their differences and reunite for a brand new album.

Their latest album "13" has been a huge global success, but Ward was the only original Sabbath member to miss out on the reunion record because of a contractual dispute.

When asked by NME if Ward might return to the band for a new album, Ozzy said: "It's a strong possibility. We would have loved to have Bill on this album. Maybe we can work things out by the next one. But it won't take another 35 years. I'm 65 now. There's no f--king recording studios in the afterlife."

If it doesn't work out, Ozzy says there's at least one good thing to come from the drama that resulted from their fallout. "We're all even closer for all this sh-t, so there's one positive, one f--king silver lining," he said.

Black Sabbath made UK chart history this week when "13" was their first number one album since "Paranoid" topped the chart 43 years ago in 1970. They beat former Oasis members in Beady Eye to the top spot by only 13,000 copies.

Watch Black Sabbath's new success being covered by the UK media here:

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Do you think Sabbath could return with Bill Ward? Would it sound better than "13"? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    I thought Ozzy was 64 :S Also "Tony Lommi" at 1:10. LOL.
    when i was about 11 or 12 and i was first getting into music, i'd seen his name written somewhere and i read it as Tony Lommi until my dad corrected me. it's that damn uppercase I looking like a lowercase L in some fonts. i thought someone was just being lazy with capitalization. 8 or 9 years later and I'm looking back on Tony Iommi as one of the reasons I even own a guitar. feel stupid for ever misreading that, but live and learn
    i still pronounce his name as "Ee-ommi" rather than the popular "Eye-ommi", so yeah, i guess you're not the only one :p
    I feel like there should be some kinda meme picture to go along with "Tony Lommi"
    Something like that wouldn't be very popular because sadly there are a lot more people who don't know who Tony Iommi is than who do.
    Put it aside and please have Bill return. No offense to Brad Wilk, he's an amazing drummer, but Bill belongs in Black Sabbath.
    Brad Wilk is a good drummer, but not Sabbath-type material IMO. Not enough swing. Ward was missed on the new record.
    Ozzy wants Bill back. Fans want Bill back. Bill (I assume) wants to come back. THEN WHERE IS THE F*CKING PROBLEM?!
    His lawyers are basically forcing him to not be in the band, because the band and Ward haven't talked to each other at all about it. I swear, I'm sure that they could just call each other once and have it all worked out.
    Ah I'm sure they'll sort it all out Like you said they hadn't communicated with eachother for a while but after this Album they'll rekindle the friendship, not read anything about Lawyers but I'll take your word for it. (These smilies are weird)
    It wasn't money, there was a previous article on UG or Metal Hammer about this issue, the fact that Bill can't play the drums anymore and he's not getting any younger, he doesn't have the fitness that he used to, to play drums at gigs on a 2 hour set list etc etc
    Founding fathers of rock? Emm...of metal yes rock no. Just so funny when he said Lommi, that made my day. I dont see why its so important when they last had a number 1 album, they make it out like Sabbath has done nothing since Paranoid which is so far from true.
    I thought Geezer went on record saying that it also came down to Bill being seriously out of shape? He mentioned that Bill couldn't complete a full set and would have needed a backup drummer for all their tour dates because he would practically die on stage. I wonder which version is more of the issue, money, or the fact that Bill hasn't played a full Sabbath set in 8 years? I'd be out of shape too!
    Bill wasn't really the same after he had that heart attack in '98. That, and old age really put a heavy toll on him. But I still have faith in Bill. I think if he really put his energy toward it, he could finish a set. Let's just hope they get this whole financial situation fixed before it's too late.
    Yeah, I totally looked at that picture and thought "Why on earth is Ozzy hanging with Steven Seagal?" I'm a bad fan.
    Sheep Shagger
    Even if it doesn't end up happening with Bill, I love how enthusiastic Ozzy is about recording more material with Sabbath.
    It's amazing to see the original heavy metal band topping the charts. Although the new album was incredible with Wilk, an album with master drummer Bill Ward, in my opinion, would be more enjoyable.
    Honestly, I'm not sure if Bill can still handle this. I hope he can, but the circumstances aren't very favorable... suffering one heart attack every week and having to play along to metronomes is a strong sign of deterioration... Well, I'm glad Ozzy wants to go on with the reunion. Like I've been expecting, 13 kicks ass.
    Like the new album but I desperately missed Ward... Wilk just doesn't have the swing Ward had/has. Everything sounded way to straight forward for me.
    I doubt that it's going to happen, since it didn't happen this time around, and given the various reasons for why Ward hasn't joined the band, it doesn't seem likely that he'd join the band for another album.
    Anyone else think Cancer Bats was a poor choice of interviewee, given Tony Iommi's recent health problems?
    surprised there wasn't a comment this time about reading the Ozzie quotes in his voice.
    kill it
    With all due respect that's a tough gig for a 65 year old drummer especially the touring. Ozzy's voice will likely sound like poop for many of the shows too.
    Its all about $$$ and Sharon didn't want to give Bill his due cut. Now they have a huge marketing rift so they'll try to mend it by getting Bill back in the equation.
    This is good news. I was really bitter at Sabbath before all the details came out regarding Tony wanting to get the process going. It's a bit of a bucket list goal of mine to see the original Sabbath lineup. Hopefully this happens.