Pain Of Salvation Talk On New Material

artist: Pain of Salvation date: 08/14/2008 category: new releases
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Daniel Gildenlw, singer and frontman of Swedish progressive metal band Pain of Salvation, issued the following statement on August 12th: "We are starting to get a grasp of the tons of material that I have been working on in my head. My vision is that the next album will be recorded in our rehearsing room, and we have started to prepare ourselves and the rehearsing room for this. "The material that I am focusing on for the album at the moment, is some sort of cross breed between the heavy early 70s in the vein of Sabbath/Zeppelin and the dark weirdness of Faith no More/Soundgarden together with a touch of fragile suggestiveness displayed by The Doors/Jeff Buckley. Add some energetic Foo Fighters and you will start to get the picture..." Thanks for the info to
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