Papa Roach: 'We're Making Our Sickest, Most Illest Record to Date'

Frontman Jacoby Shaddix compares himself to superhero, seemingly forgets to grammar.

Ultimate Guitar

Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix gave an enthusiastic update on the band's new material, announcing that "the sickest, most illest P-Roach record to date" is set to drop soon.

Chatting with Loudwire, the singer explained, "In the studio working with the one and the only Kevin and Kane Churko, father and son production combo, and we are making the sickest, most illest P-Roach record to date, guaranteed.

"It's fiery, that's how I explain it. It's fiery," Shaddix explained, along with a peculiar comparison. "It's like I'm holding a light orb in my hand and when I put it to the sky, I take off like a superhero if that makes any sense. It's for real."

Asked to elaborate further, the vocalist gave brief descriptions of some of the songs the band had already wrapped up. "We've got a song called 'Just as Broken as Me' that's about forgiveness when you don't want to forgive but you know it's the best thing to do," he kicked off.

"We have a song called 'Never Have to Say Goodbye,'" Jacoby continued. "It's about a really good friend of mine who passed away the last couple of years. It's just my song ... I never got to say my piece, and he was someone who really helped me when I was down and out and helped me clean my life up and then I went out there and lived that wicked life again and when I was out there, he passed away. I've always had a hole in my heart from that so I decided to write a song about that.

"What else? I just finished another song called 'Face Everything and Rise,' which is just the P-Roach mode of operation, you know. That's what I'm all about. It's about stepping up to your problems and connecting with my God and walking through those things," the singer concluded.

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    I don't think the UG writers really are in the position to call someone else on their grammar ..
    Yeah, I'll wait for someone who can speak proper english to appear. Now, where's KerryKing01 when we need him?
    Heer! How may I b of assasistance?
    Go and tell your master that we have been charged by God with a sacred quest. If he will give us food and shelter for the night, he can join us in our quest for the Holy Grammar.
    People still say "ill?"
    no they stopped saying that well over 10 years ago, which doesn't bode well for whatever they are gonna release.
    ...and nobody gives a shit!
    I stopped reading at "most illest".
    I wish he would just stop acting like he's 20-something, ****ing 37 already! This is just so gringe-worthy!
    "Gringe-worthy"? Like Grunge that is cringe-worthy? I like it. It sort of fits.
    Clearly not a popular opinion on UG but I'm looking forward to this. They do tend to carry some filler in their albums, and yes their songs are a little straight forward and formulaic, but there are always 3 or 4 songs I really enjoy.
    "the sickest, most illest P-Roach record to date" "It's like I'm holding a light orb in my hand and when I put it to the sky, I take off like a superhero if that makes any sense. It's for real." ...I see they're still prominently aiming towards a 12, 13 year old fan base. You know, an age group that isn't exactly sure what good quality music is.
    'Good quality music', you know it's difficult to say what bands actually make good quality music (though there are examples which do play bad quality music). Nevertheless, that's entirely down to personal preference though, no matter how old you are. Plus, at that age, what's wrong with listening to these kind of bands? Most are a first step to listening to other, arguably, better bands.
    Dark Canuck
    So by "sickest and illest record to date", did he mean "doucheiest record to date"?
    Hopefully this means they are switching back to the Infest/Lovehatetragedy sound. Although with those song titles/descriptions i really doubt it.
    God people actually say 'Ill' in that way now, whats next? Dude that was so Terminal
    They have done some good shit back in the day, but then they started playing that mainstream pop/hardrock shit. Same with Limp Bizkit, they had their own sound. Not anymore.
    Can't believe this band still exists. Basically, they're like Puddle Of Mudd. They were good for a couple of years, now it's the same old shit. Bunch of wash ups writing post-grunge/hard rock tunes over and over again.
    They're not washed up. Calling them "washed up" implies that they were creative and relevant at some point.
    I beg to differ. I think their later stuff is generally better than the earlier. It might be because they've gotten less alternative lately, and maybe people frown upon that, but I guess it's a matter of taste in music. Personally, I think they've become much more melodic. They write catchy stuff.
    "It's like I'm holding a light orb in my hand and when I put it to the sky, I take off like a superhero if that makes any sense." It doesn't.
    More songs like dead cell! I don't like the direction the band took but they had some good stuff back in the day. Blood brothers and between angels and insects more songs like that please.
    I was hoping "most illest" would be used more, so I can add it to my "most overused hype descriptors" list along with "heaviest record but also the most melodic" "album is the best we ever done" and my personal favorite "our band/album/sound is going to the next level"
    Even if a papa roach album was something I could conceivably be excited about, the phrase "most illest" would have destroyed any excitement. Seriously dude, your band is too old to be talking like that, let alone you yourself. Pretty sure you left middle school like 20 years ago. Might be time to go back and pick up your brain.
    He's almost the Lil-Wayne of hard rock. He even has the stupid tear drop tattoo.
    So they're going to write shitty angsty songs for another album? SHOCKED!!!
    music made now sucks its the same dam downtuned play the e string .
    Fuck the haters, I've always loved Papa Roach. I saw them open for Motley Crue and they totally blew the headliners away. People who criticize Papa Roach are missing the point, they're a Cali rock n roll band, and that's all that needs to be analyzed about them.
    If it's gonna be a record that sounds like the connection i'll pass, anything up to paramour sessions was ****ing awesome, metamorphosis was decent, but if they're gonna go back to an old style i'd like it to be more towards the style of infest or paramour sessions
    remember when these guys used to actually b good like 14 years ago?
    I remember 14 years ago but Papa Roach being good doesn't factor into that equation.
    I remember when this f00l was going by Coby Dick. Didn't knew they was still around lol
    I saw "illest" and stopped caring. What would've topped it off, though, was if he added in "dopest".
    The Spoon
    The dude is kinda weird, and he talks about music like he's 14 years old, but if he's excited about his own record, I'm not gonna shit on him for it.