Paramore Reveal Tracklisting For New Self-Titled Album

Paramore have announced details of the tracks which will feature on their new self-titled album.

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Last week, the band released a trailer for the new album released April 8 - which shows the group writing and recording together with audio clips of new material.

When asked about what influenced their writing and recording, singer Hayley Williams recently revealed an unlikely set of influences, including Mercury Music Prize winners Alt-J: "Taylor [York, guitarist] was listening to Alt-J a lot, I was listening to that Sirius XM channel called 1st Wave every day just getting my gothy vibes on in the car, and Jeremy (Davis, bassist) keeps us well versed in new hip-hop."

She continued: "I'd be lying if I said we didn't collectively listen to more electronic music during this process than ever before. I think it's just because that genre is super hot right now. Even so, I wouldn't say we sound like any of those bands. It sounds more like someone let us loose in a blow up castle full of instruments and we just bounced around it in for a few days."

However, Williams was quick to play down any fears, adding: "No dubstep was jammed in the making of this album."

"Paramore" will be released on April 8, NME reports. The band will precede the album with the release of their new single "Now", which is out in the UK on February 24.

The "Paramore" tracklisting is as follows:

01. Fast in My Car 02. Now 03. Grow Up 04. Daydreaming 05. Interlude: Moving On 06. Ain't It Fun 07. Part II 08. Last Hope 09. Still Into You 10. Anklebiters 11. Interlude: Holiday 12. Proof 13. Hate to See Your Heart Break 14. (One of Those) Crazy Girls 15. Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore 16. Be Alone 17. Future

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    not sure about this album but Hayley Williams is a hottie.
    True, if you ignore her ugly jugs.
    It's been like, 2 or 3 years since she twitted her boobs for a second and I just found out that I still got that picture saved here thanks to this article. Oh good.
    I'll be honest, Paramore are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I just find their music extremely enjoyable.
    Paramore was a dirty pleasure of mine, too, before they got rid of a creative drummer and half-way-decent song writer... Sure, the Farro brothers needed Hayley to ever become famous, but I don't think she realized how much she needs them so she's not singing over generic pop-punk. Oh well, I imagine it'll get eaten up either way.
    I said it before.... And i will say it again... Not a big fan... But I wouldn't kick her out of bed.
    It is so ironic that you can hear it in lots of old interviews, that she didn't think or want this to be "Hayley Williams + band" and in the end, it seems Paramore has become nothing more than a stepping stone for her secure future as a "successful" solo singer..without the Farro brothers, Paramore for me is no more..they might as well change the name..they were equally as important to the band..
    Why are all the talented woman rockers unheard of while she is the one who takes the limelight?
    I'll be surprised if this is any good. They've really gone downhill on every level since Josh and Zac left. Josh is a great songwriter.
    "Ain't it fun"? as in a cover of the GnR cover? Hope it isn't shit.
    I mean, the Gn'R version was a cover too, so if it is a cover of the original they are taking on Gn'R head on. This will be difficult to do without any real guitar players. But seriously, I can't picture Haley Williams singing, "Ain't it fun when you tell her she's just a ****?" So it is probably a different song. Actually I can picture it now, and as it turns out I enjoy doing so because when I picture it Haley is just a little bit naked
    Strummerboy Leo
    wouldn't that just be a cover of The RFTT/Dead Boys' original? If either is the case, I too hope it's not shit.
    Yeah, we both said cover of cover. I missed it on the first read of chrisa94's comment too.
    You're an idiot.
    I mean, it would depend I guess. If you play Pretty Woman on a keyboard you're probably covering Roy Orbison, but if you play it on a guitar it could be argued that you were covering the Van Halen version which is also a cover. All of this is actually irrelevant because my original point was: (Ahem) PARAMORE SUCKS WITHOUT THEIR ORIGINAL GUITARISTS! Thank you all and goodnight.
    They dumped their talent right before recording this, right? I guess that's why it sounds like they're in a blow up castle, or whatever she said..
    Yes I'm not particularly a fan of the band but she basically told the only talented members to take a hike. Dont like their songs but their ex drummer is a great rock drummer
    She didn't tell the members to "take a hike". Zac stated that his main reason for leaving was because he was missing important things at home and it was bothering him. Josh left because he's a dumbass with stupid issues.
    Apparently he left because Paramore is more like Hayley Williams solo band. Which is quite believable. I wouldn't call that stupid issues.
    This is one of the albums I'm most excited about. Really curious to see what direction they're going in.
    I thought they broke up? Edit: just wikid it, they never broke up. Let this be a lesson, kids: if you're a pop rock act, never go four years in between albums.
    They're music is cute I guess....
    They are music is cute? What the hell does that mean?
    The album cover is shit, and they will need to impress me after the two guys left.
    Reasonably intrigued as to what this album will sound like. I honestly thought Josh Farro had a very different writing style to most other guitarists in the genre, so it will be interesting to hear what York can do with the remaining members. I don't know if I'll buy it but I won't write it off till I hear it.
    I don't know why everyone assumes this will be bad. I thought their last album was terrible but the 2 before it were great. After the last crap they took, I'm down for some new blood.
    I'm not gonna knock it before i hear it but without zac to pound away on those drums, they should just become an unplugged band, misguided ghosts is like the best song on the last album.
    I have no idea who Paramore are, but that girl on the picture there is pretty.
    New song "Now"
    I think this may bring an end to my 8 year association with Paramore. I knew from the moment the Farros left they would struggle, although I held on a little hope with the "Singles Club". Interesting to see what the rest of the album is like if this garbage is the lead single.
    Vicryl 2.0
    the verse part sounds like a no doubt song. i like a couple of their old songs. it was the drum parts that got my attention on their songs..