Paramore Shared the First Side of Their Self-Titled Album

The band started the special event sharing their forthcoming albums during four nights on their website.

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Paramore have posted a YouTube clip of them introducing the first four tracks on their fourth album, "Paramore."

"Oh so you made it here? Thanks for coming to hang out with us. You wanna hear Side A of our album?" says frontwoman Hayley Williams in the video.

You can find the video featuring "Fast in My Car," "Grow Up," "Daydreaming" and the previously released single "Now" down below.

The band will be sharing all four sides of the double vinyl LP over the course of this week, before the record's official release on April 8. Paramore will post Side B later tonight at their official website, followed by Side C tomorrow and Side D on Thursday.

The group partially recorded "Paramore" in Prince's room at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles.

Hayley Williams recently said: "We were actually in Prince's room that he built ... he lived there for, I heard, like, two years or something. We were just in his room, just chillin'."

The "Paramore" tracklisting is:

01. Fast in My Car 02. Now 03. Grow Up 04. Daydreaming 05. Interlude: Moving On 06. Ain't It Fun 07. Part II 08. Last Hope 09. Still Into You 10. Anklebiters 11. Interlude: Holiday 12. Proof 13. Hate to See Your Heart Break 14. (One Of Those) Crazy Girls 15. Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore 16. Be Alone 17. Future

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    I'm tired to the point that I read the title as "Protest the Hero" and got really excited.
    I've listened to the leak and it totally exceeded my expectations after not being too excited about "Now" and "Still Into You" (which BTW, worked great live on the Paris gig this Monday, both were highlights of the concert). This album is obviously a drastic turn and quite different from the previous 3, but the quality is there: there are a couple of meh songs, but the same happened in Brand New Eyes and All We Know... They will get a lot of shit for the change but I'm quite happy with the new record.
    That has definitely surpassed my expectation upon the first release ("Now") and with the new the single being not half bad I'm keen to hear what more there is to be offered as it not only has a good sound but have changed things up a bit
    Now was the worst thing I've heard from them, not looking forward to the new album, however I haven't listened to any other new tracks yet.
    I doubt this album will be making any waves, mostly because they'd finally reached a good formula on their last one (good enough that people who listened to mainstream pop music knew who they were). With the departure of the Farros they lost that sound that had taken 3 albums to perfect. I do like the last 2 songs on this side, and Still Into You is a brilliant pop song, but I don't see anyone outside the "Para*****", loyal-regardless fanbase buying it. Slowly that fanbase will probably dissipate as they grow up and find other bands. Hayley Williams could go solo and do a Gwen Stefani or Stevie Nicks quite lucratively if she found a consistent sound. EDIT: Really UG? Para*****s gets censored?
    Well, she's kind of solo already... you can see who wrote a big chunk of the album and all the lyrics. They have always been compared with No Doubt so it wouldn't be a surprise if she goes solo at some point... but I hope she doesn't since she's kind of free now anyway. And this record is a quite solid ground to stand on.
    i heard now and still into you and they were awful the self titled album is a sign that they are trying to get noticed by a bigger audience and so are filling it with radio friendly pop songs (not that they were ever particularly radio unfriendly anyway)