Paramore To Release New Music This Summer

artist: Paramore date: 02/17/2011 category: new releases
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Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams has revealed that the band plan to release new music this summer. The singer said the band planned to hit the studio after returning from a South American tour this month. The new songs, set to arrive before a full album, are likely to include "In The Mourning", which Williams recently debuted on her Tumblr page. "We are going to go tomorrow to South America to do a tour. And then when we get back, we're hoping to record a batch of songs to release over the summer," Williams told AOL Music. "All the details aren't worked out yet, but we definitely do want to release ['In the Mourning'] and some other ones before we put out a record." The songs will be the band's first since Zac and Josh Farro quit the group at the end of last year. Thanks for the report to
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