Paul McCartney Reveals 'New' Song From the Upcoming 'New' Album

Sir Paul hints that this really will be new material.

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Legendary Paul McCartney releases first single from the upcoming album.

Both the song and the album are titled "New." As Consequence of Sound notes, it seems as if the former Beatle wants to make it abundantly clear that his 16th solo LP is comprised entirely of new material, marking his first such effort in six years. (McCartney's previous release, 2012's "Kisses on the Bottom," featured reworked pop standards and covers.)

"New," the album, will be released in the US on October 15th (and elsewhere on the 14th).

"New," the song, is streaming below and available for purchase via iTunes. Produced by Mark Ronson, the horn-driven pop song is reminiscent of "Revolver"-era Beatles.

McCartney recorded the upcoming album with several other new collaborators, including Ethan Johns, Paul Epworth (Adele) and Giles Martin, the son of classic Beatles producer George Martin. According to a press release, additional album details will be revealed in the coming weeks.

Listen to the song below:

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    Wow. Sounds super Beatles-ey. Awesome :-D
    I love how he STILL sounds the same as he did when singing Hey Jude in the beatles, Love his voice, love him as a person, Paul is a freaking boss!
    Paul's really been having fun lately. I feel like playing with Nirvana energized him.
    Goooood Daaaaay Suuuunshiiiiine...
    This is all I kept thinking of through the entire song. Same chord progression, although it's a bit refreshing to hear something in that flavor in this day and age.
    It is almost sad hearing this song because it sounds like there should be the other Beatles doing backing vocals...or Linda should be singing backing. This sounds like it would be on the White album!
    Wow, I totally agree!! It definitely sounds like something that could have been on there. Cool!!
    There is definitely something Beach Boyish about the a capella ending. Brilliant song.
    i never liked the Beatles, but I'm really enjoying this!
    But... it sounds just like a Beatles song...
    No it doesn't. It sounds like the stereotype that was assigned to the Beatles with songs like "I Am the Walrus" and a bit of Abbey Road. The style predominantly apparent throughout their career mostly consists of pop-rock. Please Please Me, Rubber Soul, etc etc. So technically, you are correct in saying it sounds like *a* Beatles song. But it certainly isn't representative of the Beatles' typical sound.
    Well, not quite "pop-rock" in the beginning. The later albums were a defining sound for the newly donned "pop-rock". The Beatles' "typical sound" from the early songs you listed "Please Please Me, Rubber Soul(my personal favorite), etc etc" are influenced from the 60's British sound Skiffle. It was a mix of jazz, folk, roots, blues and early twentieth century African-American music culture. It was almost a British folk revival when these African-American blues artists from the south US were touring in Europe because no one wanted to hear them in the US. The Beatles (George and John) started as The Quarrymen, a Liverpool skiffle band, adding Paul because according John "he knew how to tune a guitar." Skiffle is most associated with Lonnie Donegan, a.k.a King of Skiffle, but many artists in rock, blues, folk, and pop started in skiffle. There's a video on YouTube of Jimmy Page in 1957 at age 14 playing skiffle on tv. So yes, The Beatles predominantly consist of a pop-rock sound. They were the major influences of the genre. But in reality these genres are just words used by the media to label a sound. Labeling your own sound is a bad choice as it can ostracize a whole group of fans before they even hear your sound. In the 90's grunge scene, no band actually ever used the word 'grunge'...but that's another story
    LOL sounds like a Disney movie. More specifically, Beauty and the Beast
    The arrangement reminds me a bit of some Akeboshi stuff. With extra clavichords.
    Paul's approach to music hasn't exactly aged well. >inb4 downvotes
    you get a downvote for trying to greentext outside of 4chan
    "Trying" Implying I don't know >this does nothin Point being nostalgia is really curving audience reaction. An upvote for your trouble.
    it sounds like something the beatles would have made and has qualities of the beach boys and even queen to some degree. great tune.
    So does that mean if I wanted to pay you in toenail clippings you would take it as a form of payment?