Paul McCartney's New Album To Be Called 'Kisses On The Bottom'

artist: Paul McCartney date: 01/04/2012 category: new releases
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Paul McCartney's New Album To Be Called 'Kisses On The Bottom'
Paul McCartney has revealed that his new album will be called "Kisses On The Bottom". Following reports in The Sun that the LP's title had been leaked online, representatives for the singer have confirmed that "Kisses On The Bottom" is the name of the new record from The Beatles legend. It was announced in December that McCartney, who reportedly doubled his earnings in 2011 to make 29 million, will release a new studio album featuring covers of some of his favourites songs, as well as two new compositions, on February 6 next year. You can hear the first single from the album - a collaboration with Eric Clapton called "My Valentine" at this location. On January 1, Paul McCartney hit out at bands who play live using backing tapes and vowed to never rely on them during his own gigs. Thanks for the report to
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