Pearl Jam Present New Single, Announce New Album

Legendary grunge band reveals title, cover and the first single from the upcoming album.

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Pearl Jam announced "Lightning Bolt" as the title of their new album, scheduled for release on October 15, Loudwire reports. Listen to the first single "Mind Your Manners" and see the album cover and teaser below.

"Lightning Bolt" marks Pearl Jam's tenth studio album and was produced by Brandon O'Brien. Pre-order information went up on the official Pearl Jam website today with a variety of options available from digital download to vinyl.

Their upcoming tour will kick off just days before the release of the follow-up to 2009's "Backspacer" with the first show on Oct. 11 in Pittsburgh, Pa., with dates currently running through the beginning of December before wrapping up in Seattle, Wash.

YouTube preview picture

YouTube preview picture

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    AIC, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam should totally do a big tour together...
    Matt Cameron's arms would fall off if he had to play for PJ and then Soundgarden in one night (because, let's be honest, while Matt is good in PJ, only Soundgarden truly unleashes his inner animal)
    Agreed. Matt's great, but Pearl Jam's more traditional song structures and time signatures don't let him really shine. In Soundgarden, on the other hand...
    Yeah, he could probably get away with it for a night or two (if they did a festival or something like that) but a full tour would be rough. Cameron's one of my favorite drummers though, it'd be awesome to see him play with both bands in one bill. Plus you could get some Temple Of The Dog going too
    Seattour 2013! We could only wish...
    A seattour would be great! Arrrr! Hey you! You're not doing yer job! Get back on the mop will yer? Hurray! Seriously though, I think it's everyone's dream. It would be great if Tad could join them too. (Hey, Tad will "reunite" to play at Sub Pop's anniversary party tomorrow. A man can dream...)
    Nothing particularly new here, but pretty nice riffs. Straight up rock and roll. I'm still curious for the experimentation they have promised though, but I'm sure they'll save it for the album release and won't put this experimental side out in singles. The bastards
    Cool song, don't really like the name of the album, it doesn't matter, still gonna get it.
    Sounds like later 90's just strummety strum strum. I feel like they could be so much better if they sat down and wrote the music first. Song is ok and everything but is nothing new. I just miss the riffs they used to write.
    I was going to say, it sounds like something from the first couple Tony Hawk Pro Skater games' soundtrack! Not bad, I'm bobbing my head.
    Of course, as we all know, the first couple of Tony Hawk games had spectacular soundtracks. And this would fit right in - it doesn't really sound like the Pearl Jam I'm familiar with, but I quite like it.
    This song alone makes me like this album better than Backspacer already.
    Pretty straightforward rock song, not too bad but can't say it is very special either. I'm still looking forward to the album though. Backspacer also had a few songs that were quite straightforward but that album was killer.
    A new album from PJ is like being invited by an old friend to dinner, might be good or just meh, but it's always a good feeling. I hope they have an extensive european tour!
    Vedder's punk roots have really been in full force lately with Backspacer and now this, it's pretty awesome actually
    This song is so awesome! but I hate how they are getting into that stupid trend these rappers are into of putting fremasonic symbols on their album covers, it's getting annoying.
    Where do you see a masonic symbol? An eye is not necessarily Masonic bud.
    To be honest i was expecting and hoping for something more experimental and exciting. This just sounds like something from Backspacer except a bit better. But ofcourse you can't judge an album just by one song.
    unfortunately people do. do the song you release as you SINGLE needs to make people want to hear the rest... I don't
    Verse sounds like Wickerman by Iron Maiden. And its produced terrible, another victim of the loudness war. Good song though.
    youre right with the production, guitars sound buried by drum and bass (I use good studio monitors yorkville ysm5's)
    Wow, if the guitar tone was slightly muddier this would be metal as ****! Good stuff.
    Song totally picked up halfway through! Agreed, too generic of a start with the strumming. Bands never release the best song 3 months ahead though...expect some good ones to come.
    They need to go back to "ten" roots....dont they know it's by far their best album??maybe the best album from the 90's!!
    It's like Backspacer got some balls, some Vs qualities to it, there's not a band right now that I need to see more than Pearl Jam.
    Not a bad track, but it sounds like more of a filler song to me... be like if Soundgarden had released "Kick Stand" as a single off of Superunknown... still excited for the album though.
    This is the beginning of good music making it's way back this and next year! I'm gonna check out the rest of the album as soon as possible.
    It sounds like Spin the Black Circle, but I'm not complaining. It's a rocking tune and captures that early 90's PJ sound.