Pearl Jam Release Music Video for 'Mind Your Manners'

Shot in the old-fashioned style, the newest video from legendary grunge band surfaces online - watch.

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Pearl Jam released the official, Danny Clinch-directed music video for their punked-up new single "Mind Your Manners" this morning.

Watch the clip, which features Eddie Vedder and the guys performing in front of a screen displaying visually-stirring images, below.

PJ's new album "Lightning Bolt" is due out on October 15th and, if Mike McCready is to be believed, "if you're a Pearl Jam fan you'll love it."

"Lightning Bolt" marks Pearl Jam's tenth studio album and was produced by Brandon O'Brien. Pre-order information went up on the official Pearl Jam website today with a variety of options available from digital download to vinyl.

Their upcoming tour will kick off just days before the release of the follow-up to 2009's "Backspacer" with the first show on Oct. 11 in Pittsburgh, Pa., with dates currently running through the beginning of December before wrapping up in Seattle, Wash.

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    I like how they didn't mix the band too loud on this snare track.
    youre an idot....pearl jam may be one of the only bands to keep evolving and making good music in the process.The deeper you go into their catalog the better it gets.
    sounds great, these guys have always stayed pretty close to their roots. More bands need to try to do that, not always going by what sound is in trend imo.
    Pretty cool song, and follows the most classic rock style Pearl Jam have tried in their last album while remaining true to their sound. You can definitely hear the Ramones influence here
    "if you're a Pearl Jam fan you'll love it." - well, if this single is anything to go by, its going to sound like a mish-mash of political bollocks put together by a band somewhat reminiscent of some highschool band with little musical knowledge. The Ten and Vs. days are long gone. Bring on the negavotes.
    Heard this song on radio. Had no idea it was pearl jam. Thought it was like The Misfits or something