Pearl Jam Reveal New Single 'Sirens,' Present Video

Eddie Vedder and co. revealed the secong track off the upcoming album "Lightning Bolt."

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Pearl Jam revealed the second single, "Sirens," off the upcoming album "Lightning Bolt." The track joins "Mind Your Manners," revealed this July.

The band has also revealed the upcoming album's tracklisting as well as the set of cover for the selected tracks.

Watch the video and the cover art below.

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    Matt Cameron is just happy to play something with a standard beat lol. but seriously, Soundgarden and PJ released less than a year apart with touring duties and all, man's a beast. Don't care what others are saying, I'm digging this vibe. Mind Your Manners was great, and I already pre ordered my copy. CAN'T WAIT!! Just wish they were coming to South Florida...
    I'm a big PJ fan, but this is weak, radio friendly, turgid, nothing... if it were Goo Goo Dolls or train or some other middle of the road crap it's easily dismissed, but guys, you are well capable of so much better. Really disappointed.
    I think you should look past the "radio friendlyness". Yes it's an "easy to listen" song. But looking at the structure of the song and the rich arrangements, you see or rather hear a complex and well atmosphered song. Note that it is regonizable as PJ, yet pushes the bounderies on what they have done in the past. Eatherway, I like the 2 singles and looking forward to the new album.
    Completely different from Mind Your Manners, which I liked. I like this too. The new album is promising and I can't wait!
    i dont realy know if im feeling the new pearl jam stuff. soundgarden and alice in chains' stuff was SO much better
    listened to it about 6-7 times, can't really get into it,,,,there's no chorus in this song, oh well , can't like em all.
    Thats what I was thinking. Like where is the Chorus ? This song kinda sounds like Wheels by the Foo Fighters.
    Between this and Black Heart by Stone Temple Pilots, I'd have to go with Black Heart.
    Not feeling this song. I think I've heard it a million times by other bands. But that's not the point, it's MY point. And I encourage you all to love this song or dislike this song because Pearl Jam rock and they can handle it.
    Not going to listen to yet, I want to wait until I have the full album, and I can listen to it all from front to back. The anticipation may well kill me.
    What a load of rubbish.. Pearl Jam have lost it as far as my ears are concerned.. They lost their BALLS and fire..
    Loudness wars much
    i dont think its THAT bad in terms of the whole loudness thing. i thought the mix was a little too wide, but i guess it gives it a more "live" feel. brilliant track though, seriously looking forward to their new album
    The song is decent. After listening to it, though, I am still not understanding the "Sounds like Floyd" comment they made about the new album.
    This album is gunna be competing with ...Like Clockwork for album of the year, me thinks.