Pearl Jam Reveals 'Lightning Bolt' Tracklisting

LP will be grunge band's 10th studio record.

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Pearl Jam have unveiled the tracklisting for their forthcoming new album "Lightning Bolt," NME reports.

The LP, which is due out on October 15 and will be the 10th studio record of the band's career, will feature the single "Mind Your Manners" as well as "Lightning Bolt" and "Future Days," both of which were debuted at a show in Chicago in July.

Meanwhile, the track "Sleeping by Myself" originally appeared on frontman Eddie Vedder's 2011 solo album "Ukulele Songs." You can listen to the song in the player below.

"Lightning Bolt" tracklist:

01. Getaway 02. Mind Your Manners 03. My Father's Son 04. Sirens 05. Lightning Bolt 06. Infallible 07. Pendulum 08. Swallowed Whole 09. Let the Records Play 10. Sleeping by Myself 11. Yellow Moon 12. Future Days

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You can also check out the number of covers for album tracks by Don Pendleton below.

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    Jacques Nel
    Reminds me of The Offspring's Rise and fall, Rage and Grace album design. Even has a punk rock feel [refer "Mind your Manners]. Would like to check out this album.
    Eddie could be singing the alphabet while Mike is tuning his guitar and I would still buy the album.