Pearl Jam Streaming New Record 'Lightning Bolt'

artist: Pearl Jam date: 10/08/2013 category: new releases
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Pearl Jam Streaming New Record 'Lightning Bolt'
Seattle rock veterans Pearl Jam are officially streaming their new album "Lightning Bolt" prior to October 15 release via Monkeywrench Records. Featuring 12 new tunes, you can check out the record over on iTunes. "Lightning Bolt" was previously announced with a lead single "Mind Your Manners" back in July and the second single "Sirens" in mid-September. The band also teased three more tracks in their latest "Lightning Bolt" documentary. The film also features interviews with each of the band members and their thoughts on the current state of affairs among PJ ranks. "I think it's good to wait until we have something to say," said bassist Jeff Ament about the lengthy album break, just to have singer Eddie Vedder chip in that "everyone's kind of playing out of their minds on this record." Check out the track listing and the album cover below. Also make sure to let us know what you think of the album in the comments. "Lightning Bolt" track listing: 01. Getaway 02. Mind Your Manners 03. My Father's Son 04. Sirens 05. Lightning Bolt 06. Infallible 07. Pendulum 08. Swallowed Whole 09. Let the Records Play 10. Sleeping by Myself 11. Yellow Moon 12. Future Days
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