Pearl Jam To Release 'Experimental' Album This Year

Mike McCready says it draws inspiration from everything between Pink Floyd and punk rock. Are you excited?

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Pearl Jam have pledged to release their new album before the end of 2013.

Guitarist Mike McCready told Rolling Stone that the successor to 2009's "Backspacer" will be out "this year, for sure."

He says the album will have an "experimental" twist and draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, from Pink Floyd to punk rock.

"I would say as a cliché answer it's kind of a logical extension of what 'Backspacer' was," says McCready, "but I think there's a little bit more experimental stuff going on. There's a Pink Floyd vibe to some of it, there's a punk rock edge to other stuff."

McCready adds that seven songs are "relatively completed" and an extra 15 are "ready to go" with long-term producer Brendan O'Brian. "We're excited to get it done, because we've kind of been waiting for about two years to do it," he added.

Meanwhile, Pearl Jam have been storming UG charts in recent weeks. The band came third in our top 10 grunge bands ever, and their album "Ten" came forth in our top albums of the 1990s.

Are you excited about hearing a new Pearl Jam album? Let us know in the comments.

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    A double album from Pearl Jam would be great. But massive Pearl Jam album would be better. To be fair I'm crazy excited to listen to any new Pearl Jam! Cannot wait to see what Pearl Jam call "experimentation"
    Awesome, I've been addicted to their Sirius XM channel for a year now and the tracks where they just jam are often some of the best. Really looking forward to it
    Man I love that channel, they play lesser known tracks and they do the famous PJ onstage jams.
    I really hope that it's an experimental departure from backspacer, but really doubt it will be. That album was just terrible in my opinion. There's one or two good songs on it, but it's just too "poppy" for my liking. The songs just feel really rushed and undeveloped, don't get me wrong, I love PJ as much as the next guy, but their releases just sound lazy these days.
    Agree with the Backspacer comments. I am discouraged by the "punk" influence comments above. No one does Punk worse than PJ on Backspacer. Gonna See My Friend, Supersonic, and Got Some are songs that would never have made an album as far back as Riot Act. The Avocado album had it's moments though, but the throwaway punk song trend was coming on then too... Still a great live band despite not having a virtuoso in the band. (Matt Cameron only counts with Soundgarden, sorry). They've got the songs and the chemistry.
    You realize Pearl Jam have had a strong punk influence since Eddie Vedder took up writing a lot of the material, right? It's not something that magically became an element of their sound.
    Sounds interesting, looking forward to hear it. Also: holy sh*t, 22 songs? Sweet, would be cool if they decided to release this as a double album, kind of like Use Your Illusion.
    Darth Wader
    Most bands go into the studio with 20 or more songs and then pick the best. So we will probably see a 12 song album.
    Don't see a double album thing happening -> if I recall correctly Jeff or Matt mentioned the existence of like 13 leftover songs from the Backspacer sessions which they thought of releasing in the future. That was like 2 years ago, still haven't seen it If they're taking the "less is more" approach again they're probably gonna trim the whole thing down to a 40 minute record, then perhaps release some of the scrapped material later on as they did with Lost Dogs Ah well, at least they play a lot more shows than, say, Tool. A LOT more :p
    another No Code type album would be a welcome change after the album of advertisement background tracks that was Backspacer
    Damn!... I liked Backspacer because of the Ten vibe it had... But 22 songs... Pink Floyd like.... Hmmmmm sounds like an awesome concept album withextended solos... Can't wait for this.... 2013.... The year Rock... Grunge... And Metal come back and destroy Rap and Pop.
    I for one liked Backspacer, it was a really kickass straight to the point record, wakes you up in the morning and whatnot. So having "pink floyd' like influences thrown into that will more than likely be great, as does everything they do.
    So Soundgarden has King Animal out right now, if Pearl Jam can get this album out soon maybe we can see a group tour? I'd love to hear some Temple of the Dog stuff again. Hopefully Matt Cameron can handle a double header every night though.
    Wow.. 22 tracks? Experimental? I think someone's found a good 'supplier'.. 420 forever!!
    experimental = "we have no good material to record so we made some noise"
    It doesn't seem like they're the kind of band to really dig into the depths Experimental can go. They're probably gonna be one of those bands that will write each song with a different genre and call that Experimental.
    A cross between Pink Floyd and punk music doesn't really sound "experimental"- it sounds like it will be kind of a slower, watered-down version of punk music, which is basically what they make now.
    'He says the album will have an "experimental" twist and draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, from Pink Floyd to punk rock. ' = No Code = bring it on, I loved No Code
    Backspacer sucked. Period. Huge fan but that album was disappointing.
    It took me ages to convince my friend who is a hardcore, long-term PJ fan to appreciate its merits, like 2 years ha. Vedder's voice sounds awesome on it.
    its more of a grower rather than being fully disappointing. i thought it was ok at best, after a few listens it definitely got better. not a contender for PJ's best album though, but still not terrible.
    Thrice Capades
    Let's just hope it's original and worthy of my $12. I can't say I've considered anything since Vitalogy to be very good. That being said, if you put enough talented musicians in a room long enough they'll produce Shakespeare...unfortunately Shakespeare played guitar like a dick.
    'Experimental' That's funny. Try Scott Walker's "The Drift". There's some experimental for ya...
    seems like they did the right thing by telling fans it's experimental before it comes out, so they don't trip balls when they hear it.
    they have not release any good album since the 90's:/ later albums have like 1-2 songs in them and the rest just fillers
    Lightning Bolt is great! I liked more than half of Backspacer. Just Breathe, Gonna see my friend is really a dark song, Got some is bad ass, The End is chilling. I did not care for Fixer, Supersonic and Speed of Sound. PJ grows on me. Help! Help! off of Riot Act took me ten years to fall in love with. I heard the live version from Denver 03 and it grew on me hard. He says "Tell me what I want to hear. This worlds too ****ed up to be real. Help Me! Help Me!" Fucking dark shit. PJ if they wanted could make every album as perfect as Ten and VS but I think they like to add off tracks so it is not perfection. If they released half of Lost Dogs between Vitalogy and No Code that would have been their best work. Hard to Imagine, Footsteps, Wash, Alone, All Night, Ledbetter, Brother, Hold On, Let Me Sleep, Crazy Mary. They have songs like Of the Earth, OLe, Cold Confession, Let it Ride that will make a killer sequel to Lost Dogs. Maybe Lost Puppies.