Pearl Jam's Stone Gossard Releases New Solo Tracks

Songs are taken from guitarist's "Moonlander" album.

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As Classic Rock is reporting, Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard has released two new tracks from his upcoming solo album "Moonlander." The record is the first solo album in over a decade and is set to be released on Pearl Jam's Monkeywrench Records label on June 25th.

Check out the album title track here:

And here's another one, titled "I Need Something Different."

Speaking to Spin, Gossard has described his fascination with "oddball" riffs, and the impact that has had on the record:

"At the heart of it. the things I was attracted to then are still the same things I'm attracted to now: oddball riffs that strike my ear as being different, wanting anything to be as cool as 'Down On The Street' by the Stooges or some Jimmy Page riff. I feel shockingly the same. But I think that I was focused much less on lyrics then. Now I'm fascinated by how a lyric can really impact a song."

Gossard will be releasing a new song from the album every Tuesday up until the album's release on Monkeywrench Records' Soundcloud page.

Let us know what you think of the tracks in the comments.

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    sounds like Pearl jam but with different vocalist
    That's because he writes a lot of pearl jam's music for their songs. Especially on Ten and Vs.