Pennywise: Next Album In 2007

artist: Pennywise date: 09/29/2005 category: new releases
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According to various Internet reports, Pennywise announced they will be recording their ninth full-length album in 2006 and release it sometime in 2007. It will be the follow-up to their most recent release "The Fuse," which picked up on June 27th in Europe and late in North America on August 9th of this year. Pennywise will record it sometime next year after touring. Also for the the year of the album's release in 2007, it almost marks 20 years of their forming. The band's last album "The Fuse" sat at Number 78 on the The Billboard 200 since it's North American release. It was a bit successful as the Jason Matthew Thirsk (former bassist who died almost 10 years)-era and the song "Disconnect" proved a radio hit. Recently, the band has been heard that they have kicked off to the Catalina Island in California last August presented by the famous Los Angeles, California radio station KROQ (106.7FM).
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