Periphery Streaming New Record 'Clear' in Full

Check out the album prior to January 28 release.

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As one of the early notable 2014 releases, Periphery's new record "Clear" can be streamed in full prior to January 28 release via Sumerian Records.

Featuring seven new tunes, the album is available for pre-order over on iTunes. Make sure to give it a few listens in the player below.

As guitarist Misha Mansoor insists, "Clear" lies somewhere between a full-length effort and an EP, but shouldn't be considered as neither of the two. "'Clear' shouldn't be confused with our new third full-length album that we're currently working on, nor should it be considered an EP as it rides somewhere in between clocking in at 30 minutes," he said.

Further discussing the effort, Mansoor explained: "'Clear' is an experiment to explore all of the different writing styles in the band. It's rare when you have a band where every member is capable of writing and producing music. With each member controlling their own track, this recording enabled us to go down any path we chose in terms of style and sound.

"Every track also contains a melodic theme established in 'Clear''s intro track, 'Overture,'" the guitarist continued. "This common thread links all of the songs together, even though they all sound wildly different."

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    I really enjoy this, and I think most people will if they go in realizing that this is an experiment by Periphery. This isn't an actual 3rd album, it's just a little side thing. It isn't necessarily indicative of the direction they'll take with the next album. Also, Zero and Extraneous are so groovy.
    Ever notice how people who hate on Periphery really can't find something constructive to say about why they are so god awful? Most people chalk it up to Spencer but even then it's a personal thing because you may not like the sound of his voice but you don't see people saying he's a terrible singer (because he's not). I think people need to just accept that they're pretty ****ing great at what they do and stop trying to be so edgy lol
    Going to be honest, I like Periphery and yes Sponce is now a good vocalist but Periphery I had so much autotunehe was an awful live singer because he couldn't hit any of the high notes. Fair enough now he is much better, screams and cleans are pretty much spot on live. As far as the hate goes, I think a lot of people blame periphery for the whole djent music scene emerging into mainstream metal consciousness and lots of people jumped on the bandwagon to hate periphery because they were the band associated with djent.
    I personally think Spencer is not a great singer. I like Periphery. He has improved since #1 for sure. I like the melodies he writes, I like his lyrics, generally. I do not like his voice. Probably never will no matter how hard he tries. Doesn't stop me from enjoying what the rest of the band has to offer.
    Sooooo good. Out on my birthday. What an awesome present!
    I REALLY need to hear Spencer's song. He, to me, is a bad-a** singer and writer. So I think that one will go well.
    It's pretty damn good, but different. The whole thing is on YouTube so you can check it there in the meantime.
    It has unce-unce in the chorus. And it sounds good . Pre-ordered for "Pale Aura", though. That song is why everyone that says Periphery is just wanky dj0nt-dj0nt can eat a ball. Or two, I'm not picky.
    (Just to make it clearer, I'm saying everyone that says "Periphery is just wanky dj0nt-dj0nt" can eat the ball, or balls, as they so desire. I am in no way saying, myself, that Periphery is just wanky dj0nt-dj0nt, or that wanky dj0nt-dj0nt can eat any quantity of balls, being an abstract, intangible concept incapable of consuming, stimulating, or otherwise interacting with balls.)
    This is pretty ****ing minted! As a PTH and BTBAM fan, I should have listened to this band a little more.
    Extraneous is my favourite, Zero and Pale Aura are in second place.
    Love all these tracks. However if this is an experiment to explore which direction the album should take, IMO they need to do one thing for sure: hire Taylor Larson to mix and master. The tracks Taylor did (Spencer and Matt) have a much cleaner production than the others by far.
    The only track I'm disappointed with is Misha's. Sounds like he just recycled another Bulb demo. The rest is amazing.
    Periphery can suck my balls !
    Wow, so much hate and jealousy. Never knew this existed on the internet.
    Thanks for posting the same article two days in a row. Now go eat me arse.
    They posted an article that showed there was a 3 min teaser for clear yesterday, people complained that was very old news but the whole album was available for streaming just yesterday so UG listened to feedback and wrote the up to date article today. At least they're trying to keep the community happy, cut them some slack.
    Listened to all the tracks, and all of them sound bloody amazing. I especially love Misha's and Mark's songs.
    Fucking Love this Band!! Can't wait for Juggernaut, hope it's released this year!
    They're all great but Nolly's track is simply on another level completely. The guy is a freak genius guitarist and producer