Phil Anselmo: 'I Wanted to Do a Super-Extreme Record'

The singer also calls for peace with Vinnie Paul once again, saying that he 'feels his pain every day.'

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Iconic metal vocalist Phil Anselmo recently took some time to discuss his upcoming solo record "Walk Through Exits Only" and the musical direction he opted for.

During a chat with Brave Words, the singer made it perfectly clear that extreme metal is just what he was aiming for.

"I wanted to do a super-extreme record," Anselmo said. "But even stylistically, I think theres different ways to create extreme heavy metal without having to sound like popular bands or even unpopular bands. There's a way to make things different, and I think I did that."

The vocalist also pointed out that bashing for the mere sake of it was definitely not something he was interested in.

"I think what I wanted to do was not to play as fast as possible just for the sake of, or use double kicks just for the sake of," he said. "I wanted to create rhythmic, agitated angst-ridden - that's such a f--king goddamn cliche - but angst-ridden agitated riffs that were rhythmically up-tempo feeling. You know what I mean? Instead of just going for the blast beat, where to me, it's just so many bands do it, why not do something creative rhythmically that creates that up-tempo energy?"

In a separate interview with Artisan News, Anselmo once again reached the subject of making amends with drummer Vinnie Paul. When asked about his relationship with his former Pantera bandmate, the singer commented: "Once again, I'll say that I love him, I feel his pain every single day. Dime was very much my brother, Rex's brother, our brother."

The singer continued, saying, "It does not take pure blood to make family, it's the relationship and how strong you hold that bond. Once again, my door's always open for Vince."

"Walk Through Exits Only" is set for a July 16 release via Anselmo's own Housecore Records label as his debut solo record. After the release, Anselmo will embark on a summer US tour with his backing band the Illegals.

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    Come on Vinnie, reach out to Phil he's clearly trying his best!
    I can't remember the last time Phil's done an interview without being asked about Vinnie.
    Vinnie guest drumming on a Down track could be a start.
    Vinnie and Phil getting into the same room, shaking hands and talking to each other like normal human beings could be a start.
    They should just drop all of this shit and put it behind them. Dime wouldn't have wanted it to be like this.
    I know this doesn't matter in any way, but man, I wish Phil would grow his hair out again... dude looked scary and ****in' metal in his Charlie Manson days lol
    Man, i miss pantera their sound was so wicked Still sounds fresh... :-(
    FAR BEYOND DRIVEN is by far the heaviest most slamming most intense most extreme metal record ever made put it this way the record was so heavy and intense it was loud as Hogan giving a bodyslam to Andre The Giant at WrestleMania-III !!!!!