Phil Anselmo's 'Walk Through Exits Only' Snippets Appear Online

Head over to Amazon to hear'em all!

Ultimate Guitar

Phil Anselmo reveal his first new album snippets, Metal Insider reports. You can stream them via Amazon right now.

Anselmo's debut solo record, "Walk Through Exits Only," was announced this April. There are two songs available from the record - "Usurper's Bastard Rant" and the album title track.

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    Sorry UG, but do you expect me to read through all this? Just post the goddamn link to the snippets!
    Is it weird that I excepted to see photos of Phil walking through 'Exit Only' doors?... Did not know that it was a name of a record.
    "Betrayed" reminds me a lot of SJR, which is goooood. "Bedroom Destroyer" reminds me of some grindcore, kinda like his work on Anal Cunt with Seth. But this are just previews, I'm hyping a lot for this.