Pink Floyd Album Update: 'It's Not What Fans Will Necessarily Expect'

Insider dubs the effort "very spacey," calls it "the end of Pink Floyd."

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With the new Pink Floyd album looming over the horizon, an insider shared a few tidbits regarding the overall vibe, noting that the record won't be bringing any hit singles, and will also mark the end of the band.

As reported, "The Endless River" is expected to drop later this year, featuring unreleased material from 1994's "The Division Bell" sessions.

According to the Sun source, "It's not what fans will necessarily expect. The other songs, which David [Gilmour] has worked on with Nick Mason, are lengthy instrumentals rather than straight-up rock.

"It's beautiful but not exactly 'Another Brick in the Wall' or 'Wish You Were Here.' It's very spacey. It's got lots of keyboards from Rick [Wright] so you can see why the band are calling it his swansong. The track that Gilmour recorded vocals on will be the band's last-ever real song. It's a proper epic and a fitting farewell."

Seeing that the record was already described as predominantly ambient music, the new info should hardly strike you as surprising. However, the end-of-the-band claims do come as somewhat of a fresh info.

"It would probably be the highest-grossing tour in history if they reunited with Roger Waters. But Gilmour just won't have it. This album really is the end of Pink Floyd - for ever," the insider concluded (via Gigwise).

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    It's a rap album! "Yo yo! It's ya boy davey g!"
    Yo yo! It's ya boy Davey G Nicky Mason on the drums Rick dubs on the keys Spittin ambiance Into the microphone Pink is in the house But Rogy Waters went home Layin' down tracks Instrumental and shit Makin' you feel spaced out Like your on acid When I say Pink Ya'll say Floyd PINK! FLOYD! PINK! FLOYD! PEACE *drops mic*
    this could have got all the downvotes on Earth for being tryhard, props to you for putting it out there! Good to see the UG community has a sense of humour occasionally!
    I really hope that people keep an open mind about this record, but I know they won't. I can already tell that there is going to be so much hate because "it doesn't sound like Floyd at all. There's no singing," etc. I'm going to take it for what it is: an ambient instrumental record. Maybe I'll enjoy it, maybe I won't, but I'll appreciate that they put it out for people to hear, especially for the memory of Rick Wright.
    I'm expecting some thing like The Orb record with David... not a PF record!
    The fact that Youth is one of the producers makes it very possible that it would sound similar.
    Division Bell is one of my favorite Floyd albums, so I think I'll like this one. It'll be an instant buy when it's released, for sure. And to be perfectly honest, I never thought I'd see another album release under the name Pink Floyd. It may just be old recordings, but it was a nice surprise.
    Even thought they haven't released anything in 20 years something about this article is really depressing. Just knowing the official end of personally my favorite band of all time. I'm so excited for this new album.
    "The Endless River"?It doesn't seem 'endless' to me since the record will also mark the end of the band. I'll give it a chance when it comes out.
    Floyd Phoenix
    If it's just an hour long version of Cluster One then I will actually be incredibly happy... Something about the ambience in that song...
    Downvote me all you frikin want but I will say it anyway. Its not a Pink Floyd album without Rick and Roger
    It features a lot of Rick's music, and Roger left the band 30 years ago. Get over it. Next I bet you'll tell me it's not Pink Floyd without Syd.
    There's a big difference between saying there's no Floyd without Roger and saying there's no Floyd without Syd. Syd was not present for 99% of Floyd's existence, Roger was their driving creative force for a decade.
    Not a big difference, actually. If Syd wasn't there for 99% of the time, then some people believe that the real Pink Floyd was only around for 1% of the fake Pink Floyd's existence. It doesn't make their view any more or less valid than the view of "no Waters, no Pink Floyd". Personally, I find all those views to be dumb - the name of the band is not particularly concerning to me.
    Velcro Man
    No, that's a shitty comparison, Roger Waters leaving Pink Floyd and they keep going would be like Steve Harris leaving Iron Maiden, Brendon Small leaving Dethklok, Dave Mustaine leaving Megadeth or Pete Townshend leaving The Who. Nothing before or after the Roger Waters era even came CLOSE to defining the band as much as his material, perhaps Dark Side since it was still somewhat of a collab, but he was still very crucial to that album. Everything that people remember about Pink Floyd was Roger Waters.
    David was also their driving force for a decade. And currently is now as well.
    That's not the point. The point is that a case could be made that Roger Waters is an unexpendable member of the band. David Gilmour is also obviously important, no Pink Floyd without him either. Without Roger, though, they lack a lot of the elements that made them one of the best bands to ever grace the planet. A piece of that aesthetic will inevitably be missing. Whether or not that piece is necessary is subjective.
    They were certainly different without Roger. But I think the last two albums were more 'Floyd' than The Final Cut was. By the time they made that album they lacked a lot of the elements that made them great (Those elements being input from Rick, Dave and Nick). By that point they either had to let him leave and carry on, or quit. They managed to continue when Syd, the original frontman, left the band, so why couldn't they continue without Roger? They made two solid albums without him. He was necessary throughout the 70s but it was good for the band that he left in the 80s.
    People tend to forget that up until the Wall, the band liked to write songs together. The driving force behind Floyd was and always will be Gilmour and Waters as a unit, rather than just Waters on his own.
    It's a good thing Ive fallen in love with ambient instrumental music lately. Can't wait for this!
    Every time i read anything about Floyd, its the same old Gilmour v Waters thing,and people diss it either 1, cos theres no Syd Barret,or 2, theres no Roger Waters, and these versions of Floyd have no credibility apparently cos they arent the original line up. Its a shame and detracts from the music as a whole. The division bell wasnt very good in my opinion, and that wouldnt be any different if Waters was on it. For me, if i had to define the essence of Pink Floyd it would boil down to a handful of songs.... most of the Dark Side album, shine on you crazy diamond,wish you were here, and comfortably numb. Dave Gilmour is the only guitarist ever to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and touch my soul just by playing a couple of notes and if it wasnt for his ability those songs i just mentioned like comfortably numb would just be nothing special at all and plain depressing, as was most of Waters lyrics from the wall and up to the final cut....he got obsessed with writing about war and politics too often and if it wasnt for Gilmours guitar work, the wall etc would be mediocre at best, sang by a not very talented vocalist and average bass player. I saw Rogers floyd set at Hyde park in 2006, yeh it was good but how i wished Gilmour was playing, i also saw floyd without Roger and it was lacking nothing as Gilmours guitar was definitive and he really has a better singing voice than Waters. I think the ego clashes and fighting were a bit childish for grown men and theres 1 thing i cant understand, why on earth if Roger quit and wants nothing to do with the band, why oh why does he do his own solo gigs on the strength of the name dark side of the moon? The reason probably is that if it was called the radio kaos or pros & cons of hitch hiking he would hardly sell any tickets. The truth is that Gilmour and his exquisite guitar carried floyd from 1973 to 79 or whenever the wall was made....everything else pink floyd recorded was poor IMO .....similar to the who recording nothing but rubbish since quadrophenia in 1973 but still the best band youll ever see live
    Velcro Man
    Without Roger Waters, I couldn't give a ****, I wish they wouldn't bill this as a new Pink Floyd album, either call it The Division Bell: B-sides or a new David Gilmore/Nick Mason album. Roger Waters would love to restart Pink Floyd but David Gilmore refused and then this, I've just seriously lost a lot of respect for him, sucks he's still my favorite guitarist.
    Yea i am a Gilmour fan myself but every interview i have ever read he just rips Roger and Roger always seems to take the high road. I don't care much for David as a person.
    It's gonna be a techno album. I can feel it. "Hello, is there anybody in there" (sounds of lasers, and electricity start)
    Velcro Man
    Without Roger Waters, I couldn't give a ****, I wish they wouldn't bill this as a new Pink Floyd album, either call it The Division Bell: B-sides or a new David Gilmore/Nick Mason album. Roger Waters would love to restart Pink Floyd but David Gilmore refused and then this, I've just seriously lost a lot of respect for him, sucks he's still my favorite guitarist.
    Velcro Man
    sorry for the repost, this is one of the most error-prone comment systems ever.
    I was expecting it to sound like an instrumental Division Bell, so hopefully my expectations are wrong.