Pink Floyd Releasing First New Album in 20 Years This Fall

"The Endless River" due in October, no Roger Waters, no touring plans, angry Mike Portnoy only.

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Rock icons Pink Floyd have dropped a huge surprise, confirming release plans for their first studio album in 20 years.

Titled "The Endless River," the record is due out this October, featuring unreleased music from 1994 sessions, some of which are late Richard Wright's posthumous efforts.

According to the Sun, Roger Waters will definitely not be included in the process and there are no plans for a supporting tour.

The info was originally unveiled on Twitter by David Gilmour's wife Polly Samson, who described the album as "Rick Wright's swansong and very beautiful."

Btw Pink Floyd album out in October is called "The Endless River". Based on 1994 sessions is Rick Wright's swansong and very beautiful.

— Polly Samson (@PollySamson) July 5, 2014

Singer Durga McBroom-Hudson also confirmed the rumor, saying that the studio photo shared back in May wasn't related to Gilmour's new solo effort, but the new Pink Floyd album. "Remember this photo? It wasn't what you thought it was," she said via Facebook.

McBroom-Hudson has further unveiled that the music is ambient in nature and was originally intended for a scrapped album called "The Big Spliff." "But David and Nick [Mason] have gone in and done a lot more since then," she noted. "It was originally to be a completely instrumental recording, but I came in last December and sang on a few tracks. David then expanded on my backing vocals and has done a lead on at least one of them."

You can check out a music soundscape intended for "The Big Spliff" below. A formal announcement is expected to drop sometime today, stay tuned for more info.

YouTube preview picture

Meanwhile, former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy stirred up quite a discussion on Facebook, saying that a new album is disrespectful to Roger Waters, adding, "Just do a solo album Dave."

"What's this about a new Pink Floyd album?" he asked. "Last I checked, Waters is no longer in the band and Wright and Barrett are dead ... If these are leftovers from 'The Division Bell' sessions, then just put em on a TDB Special Edition release! It's disrespectful to Roger and everything he built for all those years! Just do a solo album Dave..."

Further elaborating his stance, Mike noted, "Sorry ... I'm in the Waters camp ... IMO, the Pink Floyd heyday was 'Atom Heart Mother' thru 'The Wall' ... And those were mainly driven by Roger (conceptually, musically, everything) ... AMLOR & TDB are essentially David Gilmour solo albums 'as' Pink Floyd (granted, just as TFC was a Roger Waters solo album 'as' Pink Floyd) If you really want, I'll meet you Gilmour fans halfway and at least concede with saying OK, 'real' Pink Floyd is really only when Waters/Gilmour work together."

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    I disagree with Mike, I don't think it should be a Gilmour solo album. To my knowledge Richard never did any solo work, and to my understanding the majority of the material on this release was written by Richard. If Dave was to take all of this material Richard had written and release it as a solo album, that in my opinion would be the ultimate disrespect to Richard. We can argue all day over what a "real" pink floyd lineup is, but I don't think Richard was ever publicly involved in much else. From his commitment to the band and what he brought to table in shaping their sound, I think his final works deserve the Pink Floyd name, without him the name wouldn't mean much IMO.
    I don't care if it upsets you Mr Portnoy, but I've never been more excited for a new album than I am for this one!
    He just feels bad that Roger and David can't get along and probally never will. When Syd left the band the music wasn't the same either but nobody thinks the dark side of the moon or the wall isn't pink floyd. The name is just a label and nothing more, nobody should care about the name and just be happy that this is happening.
    Seriously, didn't he get kicked out of his band as well? For being an ass? (No disrespect to his playing ability, but mind your own damn business)
    Pink Floyd is one of Portnoy's top favorite bands. The guy obviously will have an opinion for this news... and whatever his opinion is, it's none of our business.
    I don't see why people STILL SHit on portnoy nearly 5 years later... Also, I get your excitement buuuuut it IS really not "new" album, just new to us. Not a "new" release in the conventional sense, I get where you and Portnoy is coming from I just don't see why people still say he is an ass and what not
    Cause he's friends with Eddie Trunk, whose quite an ass.
    So if I'm friends with an ass I too by proxy am an ass as well? What if I'm related to an ass?
    Then you should consider never seeing them for the rest of your life.
    Where all close and friends with an ass, but that doesn't mean that ass defines us. =D
    He gave the ultimatum of the band going on hiatus or him quitting, so he quit. Then he tried to join again later and they'd already replaced him.
    I dont understand why he thought that would work. He was the only one out of the five that wanted a break.
    Waters left. He's the heart and soul of all of the bands' best works. There's no point without him.
    Seriously, though. Pink Floyd has reached deeper into my soul than Dream Theater ever could. David's solos alone elicit true emotion, raw and pure in almost every instance. Portnoy's just damn good, but that's far less important than the ability to communicate on a higher level, like the music of Pink Floyd.
    If it weren't being billed as a sort of tribute to Wright. I'd probably be with Portnoy on this one. I just don't think you can make a Pink Floyd album without Roger Waters. Division Bell was ok, but it wasn't Pink Floyd; it wasn't nearly grandiose or experimental enough. It was a collection of nice songs with pretty guitar. If he had released it under a different name, I would have enjoyed it a lot more.
    I would completely agree with you on this, but Waters gave up on the collaborative effort that is Pink Floyd. He wanted to kill the name because he was done with it, but Gilmour and Mason thought they could still make the collaboration work under the Pink Floyd. Maybe they should have got a new name? but that's not call anyone but Gilmour and Mason had to make. And I really think that whatever is coming out in the fall feels enough like a Floyd collaboration for everyone involved to consider it being labeled a Pink Floyd album.
    Memory In Death
    I personally love Division Bell (highly underrated). So Waters or not, I'm highly excited for this.
    I mistakenly downvoted your post, but you're absolutely right, The Division Bell is an excepcional album, and it ended the Floyd's discography with a golden page ("the water flowing the endless river forever and ever!"). However, I don't know what to think of this. Most bands that pick up on stuff that was made before a certain member died and try to complete it usually wound up with mediocre albums, and Roger's not in it, but then again... I'm completely baffled, I don't know what to think of this, to be honest. Just the notion that we'll get "new" Floyd music in 2014 is mindblowing.
    You know what's kinda disrespectful? Telling pink floyd/david gilmore how to live their friggen lives.
    How are we telling them what to do? Do you think we expect any of them to read any of this or, if they do, give a shit about what we have to say? This is a comment section for the purpose of voicing opinions; some people may be looking forward to this, some may not be. Either way, they're perfectly entitled to voice those opinions. Nobody here is trying to assume control over David Gilmour's life decisions.
    TBH I am surprised with Mike Portnoy, considering his position with Dream Theater, you would think he had some insight into the situation Pink Floyd are in. I think it is a very complicated situation. I don't know why people get involved, or even have an opinion. As a Pink Floyd fan, and probably speaking for most Pink Floyd fans, we are gutted that Waters isn't going to be involved with this album. Considering the situation it's not a surprise hs isn't involved (and is probably doing very well off the Wall Tour) so with or without him it's an album i've been looking forward to for a fair few years now I truly believe there is no disrespect to Waters considering David Gilmour has played on The Wall tour for Roger. Much Love and excited for this release!!! xx
    Yes I know how long Waters has been out of the band. But man wouldn't it be cool to have him at least play on a couple tracks?! This is more than likely going to be the final Pink Floyd record, why not go out with a bang?
    I'm kinda with Portnoy... Waters/Gilmour is "my" Floyd. Love Gilmour but the Division Bell was pretty meh, hopefully we get something a bit... More?
    I completely agree. The two best Floyd albums are the two that had the most creative collaboration between them (Dark Side and WYWH). The Wall feels very disjointed, and the more Floyd you listen to, you can clearly tell the Gilmour songs from the Waters ones (vocals notwithstanding). I'm looking forward to this album, but if Dave really wanted to make it special, he would've found a way to get Roger involved. Otherwise, like Portnoy said, release it as a second disc on a deluxe edition of Division Bell.
    I'd say Meddle and Animals are comparable to DSOTM and WYWH. Meddle is currently my favorite Floyd album.
    I enjoy Meddle. Echoes is probably my favorite Floyd song, but overall I don't feel it's as strong throughout as Dark Side or WYWH. I can't even get through San Tropez or Seamus. That's just personal preference though. I tend to lean towards their stuff that has a good beat behind it. I like Animals as well, but to me, it's very clear that Dogs was 100% Gilmour (even though Roger got a writing credit) while the rest is all Waters. Again, not saying it's not as good of an album, just that the collaboration aspect that made Dark side and WYWH so great wasn't there.
    Marooned was the best track on Division Bell, just make a solo album Gilmour, I don't even count anything after the Wall as being Pink Floyd.
    I just crapped my pants! If they announce a tour, I might crap even harder. Seriously. There might even be blood.
    Regardless of whether it should be a solo album or not, I bet it'll be ****ing good.
    Sorry Mike, but my money says Pink Floyd is just as good without the waters. And much less depressing. I can't wait. My only issue here is that I caught wind of this from yesterday. U-g needs to keep up. Otherwise, Viva La Pink Floyd!
    Roger is a genius... but he is a f****ng ass... Team Gilmour over here... There is even Rich's collaboration!!! I'M SO EXCITED!!!
    Portnoy talks bullshit. Disrespectful to Waters? It's Waters who's disrespectful to the other guys and the albums they've made after his departure from Floyd. The "new album" is going to be a great way to honor Rick Wright and his magical, majestic work on keyboards.
    "The Endless River" is the one of the last lyrics on High Hopes which closed The Division Bell so there's a clear connection. As this is based on material started in '94 then it's no surprise Roger isn't involved and the fact there won't be a tour confirms this isn't new original material I'm looking forward to this; I don't feel Richard ever received the respect he deserves even posthumously so if this goes partway to redressing the balance I'll be happy
    losing battle
    Congrats Mike your relevant for the first time in your music career now **** off and go back in the dark corner where you belong.
    I agree with Mike. If Roger wasn't such an ahole we would have many more PF records. Same with Dream Theatre. LOL Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
    Shut up, Portnoy, nobody asked you! Pink Floyd were always one of my favorite bands and they should be able to make a new record if they want, with or without waters! And, imho, it will be just as great of a record as well.
    Dear Mr Portnoy, Your point of view and opinion has been duly noted. We found it largely irrelevant. Thanks.
    Syd barrett led era was one version of the pink floyd,waters was another, and gilmour is the last one. all of them have a distinctly pink floyd sound and that is what i think is important. if you dont think the division bell is that great go watch a video of them playing coming back to life and tell me that isnt an amazing pink floyd song
    This is a great time to be a Floyd fan: A new Pink Floyd album, a new David Gilmour solo-album, and someday a new Roger Waters solo-album!
    TDB was really really good, and if anyone has heard the outtakes/jams on the "Secret Rarities" bootleg, you'll know there is a ton of useable material. Pink Floyd is more then it's personnel. Total ethos.
    Once again who gives a shit about Portnoys words and thoughts. Shut up already. Go hide in a closet and cry, I dont want to hear you anymore. And now on a topic that has relevance hooray for Pink Floyd.
    I've always been in Mike's camp, UNTIL TODAY! Shut the **** up. It's now clear that he's butt hurt over any band that carries on without an original member. If these tracks have Rick on them and they're from the Division Bell sessions, then they were Pink Floyd at the time, and should be Pink Floyd now. I'm assuming that if you think it's disrespectful now then you thought The Division Bell was disrespectful, but it's a great album. Do I wish that all the original living members would get back together and do this? Sure, but it's NEVER gonna happen. Bottom line, EVERYONE can be replaced. May not be the same, but it's clear now that you're still being a crybaby about the whole Dream Theater thing. I had always been on your side, but you've now lost my support on your departure from Dream Theater.
    Translation: I like mentioned guy until he says something i disagree with or that challenges my morals or integrity. Now im gonna flake out and blame him for some incident that has absolutely nothing to do with this one even though i previously acknowledged it wasnt his fault up until the time i got butt hurt. I think Mike will be ok without support like yours.
    Big news, but new Gilmour solo album and a tour to support it would be much more interesting.
    I don't know about you guys, but I just don't think that it will be the same without Roger Waters.
    They will use the Wright stuff,alright. But now say that it's not Pink Floyd because of Waters it's bullshit. Let's say now, that, The Wall is a disrespect, because it's all about Roger, should be a solo-project. Fuck You. I like Portnoy, but he should take care of his 1000 bands. And the Division Bells it is more a Pink Floyd album than The Final cut and even The Wall ( I'm a big fan, but , let's face it).
    Ok, this is a new PF album and were talking about Portnoy!!! wtf!!! Cant wait to hear it.
    They should ask Roger Waters to join because if either of the members die then the remaining musicians would most likely regret it.
    I think it's great, my favorite Floyd tracks are either by Gilmour or Wright.
    should be interesting.....hopefully David dusts off the effects rig and does some cool wall-era sounding stuff.
    What's funny to me is Portnoy is telling Dave to release this album as a solo record, yet if you do the research this entire album is made up of instrumentals written by Wright. Oh and by the way, whether you like it or not, Dave owns the rights to Floyd's name. So guess what? This isn't an album written Dave, and it's using Pink Floyd members. Sounds like a Floyd record to me. And I don't care if this won't be anywhere near as good as the Division Bell or the legendary records before it, to hear new (to us) material is nice. Personally I would love to see the three of them remaining make a record, or at least tour with Rogers again. Seeing Roger Water perform Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall live were two of the greatest moments of my life.
    Sorry, no Pink Floyd without Roger Waters
    Correction: no Pink Floyd without RICK WRIGHT And since his works are going to be included in the new album it is a Floyd album.
    There's no Pink Floyd without either of them, all 4 members are imperative and non-replaceable.