Pink Floyd's David Gilmour Featured in Ben Watt's New Song 'The Levels,' Video Available

Guitar icon delivers mellow table steel guitar performance, check it out inside.

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UK songwriter Ben Watt of Everything but the Girl fame recently premiered an acoustic performance of "The Levels" track featuring none-other that David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.

Ben is gearing up to deliver new album "Hendra," his first solo effort in over 30 years. In the video, Watt is handling vocals and acoustic guitar, while Gilmour delivers a mellow table steel guitar performance.

"'The Levels' is set in the low-lying area of the Somerset Levels. It was where my sister got married in 2004," the musician explained. "The song is about how we deal with loss. She died unexpectedly in 2012. I wrote it for her husband. If that sounds sad, it is also a song about resilience and being strong enough to move on."

As for David's involvement, Ben added, "I had met him by chance just before recording the album. We got on well. I thought his plangent sound would be great on the track. He loved the song and played slide guitar against my electric guitar and added beautiful backing vocals. It is a strung-out English pastoral."

"Hendra" is scheduled for a US release on April 29. More info at the official website, make sure to check out the video below.

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    What a god. Thank you Gilmour for tastes of your magic here and there, what you did with Pink Floyd is untouchable. Wish him the best.
    Wow, that was lovely. Beautiful song, and Dave's playing was impeccable as always.