Pixies Aiming to Release New Album in 2014: 'We'll Try Our Hardest'

"Five years from now hopefully we'll have four more albums under our belt," says guitarist Joey Santiago.

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Pixies guitarist Joey Santiago recently shared plans for a new album release sometime during 2014, noting that the band will do its best to get the effort out.

Asked about the possibility of releasing a fresh record, Joey told Alternative Nation: "Yes, we will certainly give it the old college try of course. The cat's out of the bag, so we will pursue it, we will try our hardest. Charles has mentioned that in the few days off we have we should go in the studio or whatever and just hash out ideas, and record them."

During the rest of the chat, the guitarist also discussed the band's long-term plans, naming new music as top priority. "Five years from now hopefully we'll have four more albums under our belt, and hopefully they're as loved as our old catalog," he said.

Santiago then addressed the recent lineup changes, adding, "Regarding the bass player situation, we would be really sad if Paz [Lenchantin] decided to move on. Because she is a traveling minstrel, we hope she would stick around. We can't control that, so I can't even answer that question. I can only say that we want to record new albums, but we can’t control who is going to be 'the' bass player. But I'll tell you now, we're fully enjoying her."

The latest Pixies EP release, simply titled "EP2," dropped on January 3 featuring four new tracks.

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    "...fully enjoying her"? Is that in the same way as the bad behaviour Billy Corgan was talking about, when he broke up Zwan? I love Pixies too by the way.
    I hope they get Kim Deal back, but she'll probably just halt the whole process.. whatever I guess I'm ok. As long as they have plenty of female harmonization i can't complain.