Placebo Release New Single 'Too Many Friends'

Listen to the first piece from the upcoming album "Loud Like Love" scheduled for release on September 16.

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Placebo have premiered their brand new single "Too Many Friends," Gigwise reports. Listen to the track below.

The song is the first full taster of the band's upcoming album, "Loud Like Love." Leaning on the band's poppier elements, "Too Many Friends" harks back to some of the more mid-tempo and mellow moments from "Sleeping With Ghosts."

The new album preorders started at May 31. It will be released in various formats:

  • 3D Lenticular Super Deluxe Box Set
  • Limited Edition Deluxe Digi-Pack Version
  • Double 12" Coloured Vinyl Gatefold Edition
  • Standard CD Album

    The band has launched the special website,, where you can find out more on each album format.

    Listen to the track here:

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      Cool - sounds pretty good. Would be great to see this band writing some cool stuff again so looking forward to this.
      Really can't take much away from this single. Like the chorus and the concept behind the lyrics, but as TryTheKetchup says some of the lyrics are poor - just there for rhyming sakes and really dont do anything for the song.
      You know, you could also just adjust the use of your computer to your own likings by not agreeing to add everybody in the world as your friend on FB or whatever. An also: There's an on and off switch... try it sometimes before crying on how your computer apparently thinks your gay. Kind of easy to tag along on the 'complain-about-technology-train'.
      That piano intro along with the opening line made it sound like a song you'd hear in a Trey Parker/Matt Stone creation.
      He said in an interview how it's about technology designed to bring us closer together is actually stunting our personal skills in face to face, human interaction, it's not just about 'Facebook'