Primus Working On New Album

artist: Primus date: 09/22/2010 category: upcoming releases

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Primus is accumulating material on a daily basis for a new album, according to an interview with bassist/frontman Les Claypool on The release will be the group's first album since 1999's Antipop and the first new material of any sort since 2003. Right now it's throwing pasta at the wall and seeing which noodles are sticking, recording musical ideas from sound checks and whatnot, even live shows, Claypool said. We've been branching off on various tangents, and I have notebooks full of various writings. And now with the advent of the iPhone I've got my little recorder and can record things as I'm driving down the street, at a whim. To make the new album, Claypool is working with some new old blood. Jay Lane was the band's drummer in 1988, but left before Primus released their debut album, Frizzle Fry. Lane rejoined Claypool and guitarist Larry LaLonde when the group ended a four-year hiatus. Claypool said Lane will definitely have an effect on the new album. Jay is much more of a groove-oriented player, he said. I would imagine the rhythms are going to be very strong and intense. The new, as-yet-untitled Primus album will likely be released next year. Thanks for the report to Bryan Wawzenek,
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