Primus Working On New Album

Primus is "accumulating material on a daily basis" for a new album, according to an interview with Les Claypool.

Primus is accumulating material on a daily basis for a new album, according to an interview with bassist/frontman Les Claypool on The release will be the group's first album since 1999's Antipop and the first new material of any sort since 2003. Right now it's throwing pasta at the wall and seeing which noodles are sticking, recording musical ideas from sound checks and whatnot, even live shows, Claypool said. We've been branching off on various tangents, and I have notebooks full of various writings. And now with the advent of the iPhone I've got my little recorder and can record things as I'm driving down the street, at a whim. To make the new album, Claypool is working with some new old blood. Jay Lane was the band's drummer in 1988, but left before Primus released their debut album, Frizzle Fry. Lane rejoined Claypool and guitarist Larry LaLonde when the group ended a four-year hiatus. Claypool said Lane will definitely have an effect on the new album. Jay is much more of a groove-oriented player, he said. I would imagine the rhythms are going to be very strong and intense. The new, as-yet-untitled Primus album will likely be released next year. Thanks for the report to Bryan Wawzenek,

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    i knew this already, but reading here made my day. there's just not enough primus fans in the world, ya know?
    OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Can't wait, even though Tim Alexander is one of my favorite drummers and he won't be on it.
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    There isnt much Primus news, haha.
    I saw them about a week ago and it was the best show I've been to. CAN'T WAIT!
    i saw them with the new drummer back in august, and they were ridiculous. i'm guessing a new album would be chalked full of awesome songs.
    NEVA_DIE \m/ wrote: I'm seeing them tonight!!! Hopefully they'll play some new tracks!
    Ill be there! Pumped
    Duck In A Hat
    Can't wait to see them on Friday! I just got my ticket literally 20 minutes before I read this too.
    Their debut album was Suck On This, a live album released in 1989. Anyways, this is most definitely amazing news!
    sorry but why do people say primus sucks? must be some in-joke im not aware of
    stereomaca wrote: sorry but why do people say primus sucks? must be some in-joke im not aware of
    Yeah it is, it is basically just a slogan to show how much you love the band. I am not entirely sure of the origin though.
    Dammit, I wish they had Brain on drums, I'll buy this none the less
    Root Beer
    YYYYEEESSS!!! PRIMUS SUCKS!!! SEEING THEM TONIGHT!!! XDDD Everyone who's worried about the new drummer, btw, I listened to the rehearsal EP and he's really good. I thought it was Tim for the longest time. So no worries.
    Rancid Ivy
    PRIMUS SUCKS! I will definately be getting this. They sounded amazing live this year!
    I'm seeing them on Saturday! Hope they play some new shit. God damnit Primus sucks
    just saw them at Fall Frenzy in AZ. They were awesome. Easily the best band there.
    YESSSSS!!!!! Just pumping out some Brown Album atm and reading this. Super awesomeeeee!
    Been waiting for this for quite some time this is great news. It'll be interesting to hear how they sound with this drummer. Definately a big fan of Tim Alexander but remain hopeful. Primus Sucks!
    after portnoy leaving dream theater i needed a pick me up....this is better than a pick me up!! cant wait!!
    Zombie V.
    As much as I love Tim Alexander, I'd rather they go with Jay over Brain. He isn't horrible, but I wouldn't say he's good enough to be in Primus.
    i wish my friend who died 2 years ago could see this post, i'm sure he'd raise from the dead in excitement.
    Jay is the shit! When i saw them at red rocks he absolutely killed it and can hold his own against tim and brain for sure.