Prince Reveals He Will Release Two New Albums in September

artist: Prince date: 08/25/2014 category: new releases
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Prince Reveals He Will Release Two New Albums in September
Prince has revealed details of not one, but two forthcoming albums, Gigwise reports.

The first, "Plectrum Electrum," has been in the pipeline since the start of the year when the singer held a press conference at Lianna La Havas' house and performed a series of guerilla-style surprise gigs in London.

Prince has now revealed that not only will "Plectrum Electrum" be out in September, but it will be released alongside another full-length album, "Art Official Age" - this one without the help of his band 3RDEYEGIRL.

The album will feature 13 songs, one of which, "Breakdown," has already been revealed, and is available to pre-order already. Listen below.

Both "Plectrum Electrum" and "Art Official Age" are set for release on 29 September.

The full tracklist for "Art Official Age" is:

1. Art Official Cage
2. Clouds
3. Breakdown
4. The Gold Standard
5. U Know Prince
6. Breakfast Can Wait
7. This Could Be Us
8. What It Feels Like
9. Affirmation I & II
10. Way Back Home
11. Funknroll
12. Time
13. Affirmation III

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