Protest The Hero Announce New Album Details

artist: Protest the Hero date: 01/18/2011 category: upcoming releases

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Protest The Hero Announce New Album Details
Instrumental prowess and talented songwriting have made the progressive metal outfit Protest The Hero a successful band that is well respected by both fans of the genre and the metal community as a whole. The group has recently been working on their new album, and they plan to release the material in just a couple months' time. The band has revealed that the title of this upcoming album will be Scurrilous. Scurrilous will be the group's third full-length studio album to date, and the will be the first since the well received and highly praised Fortress was released three years ago. While there is still quite a bit of work to be done before Scurrilous hits the shelves, the Canadian metallers have announced that all of the recording has already been finished. They hope to have the record out soon, and have given a March 22nd release date. With a sound that lead vocalist Rody Walker has described as even more progressive than previous efforts, this will be a release that should get fans stoked. And if you're interested in catching some studio footage (or maybe just a naked guy getting a watermelon dropped on his head), make sure you check out this video.

Stewdio Pupdate tree. from Rody Walker on Vimeo.

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