Protest the Hero Announce New Album Title and Release Details

Fan-funded record "Volition" officially set to drop on October 29.

Ultimate Guitar

Canadian metalcore act Protest the Hero officially revealed "Volition" as the title of their upcoming fan-funded record.

Marking the fourth studio release in the band's catalogue, the record is scheduled to drop on October 29, with additional details yet to come.

"It's called 'Volition' and contains a couple of blazin' bangers we hope some / most of you will enjoy!" the band stated. "We will be pacing on a North American tour beginning of November which will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for track listing, artwork, and all that other crap bands usually release come album time."

The group will fulfill each of the Indiegogo campaign-associated orders on the release day, including special CD and vinyl editions with unique artwork and a set of various special perks.

As for the fundraiser, the month-long campaign kicked off in mid-January, exceeding all expectations and fetching almost three times the desired funds. The highest-donating fans got the chance to perform guest vocals on the album or attend a pizza party at guitarist Tim Millar's house.

The latest Protest the Hero record, "Scurrilous," saw its release in March 2011, debuting at No. 81 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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    Metalcore? lolwut.
    Masta' Exploda'
    Protest The Hero is actually a band that follows the strict definition of metalcore : a mix of hardcore punk and metal. That being said, they are way more than just metalcore, more like progressive metalcore.
    Except they don't. Metalcore isn't a mix of the two, btw, so much as Hardcore Punk with metal influence. (Incidentally, Sludge Metal is actually a better example of a mix of hardcore and metal.)
    Chris Adler still involved at all?
    I know he's recording the percussion parts for the album, and I assume he's going to be manning the skins on their tour, but I can't say if I've seen anything for certain.
    Adler did the studio work but I don't think he'll be the touring drummer
    Aye Adler is doing LoG duties in January I know that for sure...I'll be watching him.
    Don't care for the new name. Still calling it Periphery III.
    So excited about this record. Arif always comes up with some monstrous basslines, and Rody is an amazing vocalist. In fact, all of them are amazing, and I want it now!
    The first time I heard Protest, I thought Rody sounded horrible, but the guitars kept me listening. Now I think he's the greatst singer ever. Amazing vocalist.
    One of the stand-out current metal bands that truly do something "fresh" with the genre. Can't wait!
    Very stoked on this album can't wait to hear some material, these guys continue to impress my ear drums and brain.
    I really like where these guys have been going. They've developed more as a whole and individually with each release. I can't wait to see what they have in stock this time around.
    It felt like Arif was taking a more relaxed approach on the last album (or at least in comparison to the first two). Sounds like he'll be going crazy on this one though. looking forward to it.
    Very happy that I ordered this album a few months ago from indiegogo, hoping for a track or two and a few studio pupdates from Chodey and the boys.