Protest the Hero Announce New Album Title and Release Details

artist: Protest the Hero date: 08/16/2013 category: upcoming releases

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Protest the Hero Announce New Album Title and Release Details
Canadian metalcore act Protest the Hero officially revealed "Volition" as the title of their upcoming fan-funded record. Marking the fourth studio release in the band's catalogue, the record is scheduled to drop on October 29, with additional details yet to come. "It's called 'Volition' and contains a couple of blazin' bangers we hope some / most of you will enjoy!" the band stated. "We will be pacing on a North American tour beginning of November which will be announced shortly. Stay tuned for track listing, artwork, and all that other crap bands usually release come album time." The group will fulfill each of the Indiegogo campaign-associated orders on the release day, including special CD and vinyl editions with unique artwork and a set of various special perks. As for the fundraiser, the month-long campaign kicked off in mid-January, exceeding all expectations and fetching almost three times the desired funds. The highest-donating fans got the chance to perform guest vocals on the album or attend a pizza party at guitarist Tim Millar's house. The latest Protest the Hero record, "Scurrilous," saw its release in March 2011, debuting at No. 81 on the US Billboard 200 chart.
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