Protest The Hero Raise Over $230,000 From Fans

They can now afford to release their fourth album without a record label thanks to support from fans. So how does crowdfunding work?

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Protest The Hero have raised over $230,000 from fans in only one week thanks to a DIY campaign.

The money collected on crowdfunding site IndieGoGo will fund their fourth studio album without the help of a record label.

Their original campaign was aiming for $125,000, but a creative range of perks for additional donations have convinced fans to contribute even more. Perks include invites to an album listening party, invites to a pizza party with the band, or the opportunity to perform on the album yourself.

"We are finally free from all obligations and want to be in control of our 'careers,'" said the band in response to their success. "In general, the record industry is backwards and we'd be stupid to renegotiate with anyone at this time. Crowdfunding seems to be something that's working No middlemen, no commissions, no bullsh-t."

Crowdfunding was popularised by artists including Amanda Palmer, who raised over $100,000 in just six hours - but later turned to a record label to help with distribution and other duties which can prove complex without the help of a label.

See Protest The Hero explain their reasons for turning to crowd funding in this video:

Protest the Hero NEW ALBUM Crowd Funder from Luke Hoskin on Vimeo.

Have you ever funding music or a product on IndieGoGo or Kickstarter? What do you think of the crowd funding trend? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    The best donation option, by far, is the one where Protest the Hero shows up at your house and makes you unlimited amounts of pizza.
    a drummer
    I'm pretty sure you get to go to Tim's house for the pizza party, which is still badass! I donated 45$ and got myself the vinyl, can't ****ing wait.
    You go to tim's if you're local to Toronto, but if not they will come to your house while on the road!
    I'd like to see this system on the rise and overtake the monopoly altogether. But at the same time it also raises a question on how would a new band get promoted and known at first to be successful at this and at least cover the costs...
    A valid concern, but I think if the band puts the effort in, and has good enough music, the fan base will come in time. I know in Canada there are grants we can get from the Guv to help bands fund touring around different provinces. Not to mention with how powerful social media is, if you brand yourself properly and attract the right kind of attention, you could have a massive fan base that can help you support an independent album. That is also in addition to recording technology being so readily available. Everyone I'm sure knows at least one dude who loves mixing, producing and recording! All that being said, however, it sure as shit wouldn't be an easy route. But the tools are there for our use.
    The thing about Canada is that over the last 3 years or so, the Conservative government cut dry lots of cultural subventions... More and more project are refused.
    The 20 seconds of preproduction material alone has me stoked on this album. I wish I had $1250 to go eat pizza at Timmy's.
    Seems similar/identical to Pledgemusic in the UK. I've pledged for Dave McPherson and InMe when they were running their campaigns. I will always favour pledging if there is an option. More bands need to get on board with it to regain a bit of control over the industry.
    These guys are really talented musicians, really funny people and I think they really are down to Earth. So for me, they deserve every dollar they got from the fans.
    While I'm not a huge fan of PTH, I am rooting for this system. Record labels are just scared that we are getting more power to work with out own creativity. They are scared that they aren't all powerful. They are scared that they aren't needed. I am not a fan of this band, but I gave my $10. I support this cause 100%. I will listen to the album knowing that I helped a good cause. I helped a real, honest-to-god rock band to avoid the hassles of a record label. Good luck, PTH.
    Its nice to see a smaller band with such a dedicated fanbase, that they would donate over 200,000 dollars too them. Good for them, i eagerly await the album!!
    I appreciate what this band does, and completely understand why so many people love them, but is there anybody else besides me who has trouble getting into their music past, "Oh wow, they're talented?" I don't know what it is, but they just don't hook me. Speed and technicality are enviable traits, but that doesn't hook me. I dunno. I'm just glad to hear that they were able to do this and release a new album for all of their loyal fans because not once have I heard a PTH fan who was as obnoxious as fans of some other metal bands deemed "great." Props to PTH and their fans for making this happen. I only wish I could join the fray, but perhaps I'll throw the album I have in my car when I drive a couple of hours this weekend and see if I can't discover what I'm obviously missing.
    I love PTH, and this is an awesome idea. I went the CD+T-shirt route. Because they funded the album independently, Im curious if will they get 100% of the profits of albums sold after its release (excluding distribution, management costs etc.)That could be a potentially large amount of money.
    pledge music is also another good one, The Union just released their 3rd album off of it. I'm all for people & bands taking back their power into the music industry, instead of being run by people who think that signing bands into 360 deals and taking everything is the 'best thing'.
    I am part of the league of extraordinary gentlemen. Fuck yes. I'm glad these guys are doing this. I feel good about contributing to music I know I'm going to listen to over and over. Plus, not noted in the article is that they are keeping all their expenses open to the public. They want us to know where our money is going!
    I would love to like this band. But...that voice. No me gusta.
    It definitely takes a bit to get used to. But when you do, it makes the music 10 times better.
    "I would love to like this band. But...that voice. No me gusta." I feel that way about a lot of bands, it seems. Sometimes, i know my decision is how I feel, then I'll re-visit the artist some time later (be it even years) and find I actually really like the music
    Love PTH and so happy to hear that our donations went that far. I follow them on FB and they said they got more than expected but I didn't know it was THAT much more. They said their new stuff is the craziest stuff they ever played so I can't even imagine what the hell they're coming out with but it'll probably be in contention for metal album of the year when it does.
    I was gonna blast this...I hate "fundraising"; but they actually gave people something, I suppose, for their donations. A very good idea!
    Well the thing is, the lowest donation is pre-ordering the album, so it's not really a donation. It's like buying the album after it's made without them having to worry about whether it's going to sell or not.
    How much do you have to donate to play a bass solo on the album?
    $5000 to be on the album. If I win the lottery, I will gladly fund these guys for the rest of my life.
    Good for them definitely regret not getting my shit together to play a show with these guys, i wanted to smoke a fatty with arif, so bad.
    This was ****ing awesome, and inspiring. Lots of bands could do this. I still have to ask for a digipack, I'd better hurry.
    Cool idea but I don't really like the idea of taking fan's money to make an album. Yes it's donations but 125 000 up to 230 000 is a LOT of money ( that they wouldn't have need to make an album with someone. Maybe I just don't understand properly, if someone can reply to me how this is good it would be really appreciate!
    Plus, even if you contribute the lowest amount you still get a digital version of the album, so instead of waiting until they make the album and buying it then (assuming there aren't any nefarious dealings afoot), you're essentially pre-paying for you version of the album (costs are roughly the same), and instead of that money going to a label, it goes directly to the band, who are making an album without the constraints of a label telling them what to do. It's win-win really.
    They're cutting out the middleman (the label). So that means complete creative freedom, no debt to the label if the album doesn't sell, and no contract restraints. They explain it better in the video lol.
    Check out the link in the article: Here they actually show where the money goes to. If you mean the extra 105,000$ on top of their expected budget, that can always be used to improve the album. For example get a beter (more expensive) producer, go to better studio etc.
    Think of it this way. If they released an album normally, they would need X amount of sales to make their money back, any amount of sales over that number is profit. This takes out the need to sell anything after the release of the album. Instead they needed X amount of dollars (125K) and instead raised over that amount (230K). Meaning they made a profit off this album. This means they do not have to worry about piracy or getting funding for a tour because they have already made a profit before the album is even released. So now they have their money, we will soon have our album, and they will be self sufficient in funding their own tour. It's really no different than charging someone to buy your album, except here they are giving you the choice to pay whatever you want. And if that's more, great.
    I don't like them at all, but good for them. Was turned off when I saw them a few years part was when someone threw a handful of change, and hit the guitarist in the face.
    I'm against harassing any musician or performer on stage during their performance unless they've done something SO horrible that they deserve to be rooted from it. (Like sacrificing a baby before the concert?!) Even Justin Bieber or Nickelback don't deserve to get stuff thrown at them even though most people would say they are the worst artists around. Most musicians work hard to put on a good show, and fans want to see them, so it really is a dick move to get between the artist and their fans that way.
    These guys are expensive. Kevin Devine only asked 50,000$ for TWO albums on kickstarter.
    I went for the $25 perks, hope they will come to Hong Kong or other cities in Asia soon
    Get a ****ing proper job , even if it's one where you bite the pillow if they go in dry . Sorry for feeding.....
    This is the future of records, you need to prove yourself first. But once you do your fans will come through for you.
    "Have you ever funding music or a product on IndieGoGo or Kickstarter?" Come on UG - does it take that much to find someone to edit & proofread news articles? Me for instance?
    thats alot of money for a ****in PIECE OF PAPER WITH LYRICS or PIZZA!
    I love Protest the Hero, my money was well spent on their fundraising. And that's all I have to say.
    I paid the $25 for the CD digipak. I'm so happy for them, they're basically my favorite band. I relaly hope this system starts to work out, with all of that extra money, they could end up affording a whole extra album haha. If more bands are able to accomplish this 'business' style, then good on them. I have hope for future music.
    Have you ever funding music or a product on IndieGoGo or Kickstarter? *funded can I please replace whoever is writing for UG?
    I'm pumped for this. I'm not sure if I'll be able to contribute in time and get the special swag from the program, but a label-less PTH should be sweet. Hopefully they stretch themselves out some musically.