Protest the Hero Streaming New Album 'Volition' in Full

Check out 11 new tunes prior to October 29 release date.

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Canadian prog metallers Protest the Hero have decided to give fans a pleasant surprise and stream their upcoming record "Volition" in full prior to October 29 release via Razor & Tie Records. The album consists of 11 new tunes and was recorded and released with the help of the band's fanbase who helped raise a whopping $341,000 figure through Indiegogo campaign. Make sure to check out the new tunes below. "Volition" comes as the fourth studio effort in Protest the Hero opus and features a guest appearance from Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler, as well as guitarist Ron Jarzombek of Watchtower. Once the album officially hits the shelves, the band will kick off their world tour on November 7 in Ottawa, Ontario. The band recently also announced Mike Ieradi as their new drummer. "Volition" track listing: 01. Clarity 02. Drumhead Trial 03. Tilting Against Windmills 04. Without Prejudice 05. Yellow Teeth 06. Plato's Tripartite 07. A Life Embossed 08. Mist 09. Underbite 10. Animal Bones 11. Skies

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    Fantastic album, on par with Fortress
    More like on par with Kezia. This thing is near-flawless.
    Fortress is a near-flawless album too I think. I prefer it to Kezia.
    I'm really confused, is there something wrong with Scurrilous? Scurrilous is my fave, not to say there's anything wrong with their other albums... these guys can't put a foot wrong in my eyes. I'm just curious because I always see people talking about/comparing Kezia and Fortress but never Scurrilous..
    Kezia was there heaviest album while Fortress was far more technical and fluid. I do like Scurrilous but the problem I found was there weren't all too many memorable songs. Also Arif writes better lyrics than Rody, not content wise but rhythmically. Rody tends to rhyme ever line which can be slightly jarring to listen to while Arif just writes lyrics which tell a story and Rody fits the lyrics around the music which works much better in my opinion.
    On a related note, the album liner notes for 'Volition' show that Rody wrote all the lyrics to this album. While I initially thought this wasn't so flash, I've been happily surprised. I'm hoping Arif is saving his writing for another themed album in the future, because as much as I love Scurrilous, I think the lyrical links on the first two albums were a strength. It's a tricky way to write though, so I'm not surprised the band moved in another direction.
    I've always known Protest The Hero but never checked their music out in depth, and I immediately loved this record. Tight, innovative, never boring. Awesome!
    My favorite from them! AOTY. Can't wait for my preorder to come in. Comes with a flask and robe haha
    Dude, nice! Wish I could've preordered it on their fundraiser... Anyway, i have Clarity, and that kicks butt to the max. So this is, yet again, another album to my "To buy" list. I have so many albums to buy and so little money...
    The last album I bought was the new BoO album and was quite disappointed. Preorders are on MerchNow and you can still get them. Im thinking about getting the vinyl package. $22. Is that worth it?
    I have no clue why I had never listened to Protest the Hero before. I just finished the record all the way through and it was AWESOME!
    I've never really listened to Protest the Hero before, but have heard many great things. Based on these comments, I think I'll give this album a go.
    I left, listened to it, and have returned to simply say this: I was a fool for not listening earlier.
    When the album leaked they sent all the IGG contributors who funded this a higher quality version. Great dudes and fantastic album, once again Protest De Niro delivers!!
    Other than TesseracT's Altered State, this seriously is one of the best releases of the year. Love that they brought back a line from Sequoia Throne and can't wait to see it all live. Also, the riff at 1.36 in Drumhead Trial is pants-tighteningly good.
    Prog-metal has won this year. Look at Scale the Summit, The Safety Fire and Dream Theater as well.
    Such a great piece of work, these guys always deliver! I didn't think they could top Fortress, but damn, THEY HAVE. Probably their best work to date, I have absolutely no complaints about it. Up there with Haken's "The Mountain" and Steven Wilson's "The Raven that Refused to Sing" at the AOTY podium for me.
    Been listening to this for a whole week and its definitely growing on me to be the best album of the year and is just as good as all the other protest albums.
    My God they have done it. It's almost better in every way; heavy as hell, tastefully melodic and sufficiently different. I can't stop listening to it.
    Such a sick album, awesome guitar work as usual and great job by Chris Adler filling in and staying true to the PTH sound.
    I grew up in the same city as these guys and have followed them for a long time, I am blown away at how this album stays so true to the roots of their first albums. Live shows gonna be fun.
    I won't be able to listen to this just yet, but I'm curious about the guest appearance with Ron Jarzombek. He's an awesome guitarist and I'm sure contribution is pretty great.
    Agh I love it. The thing that stood out to me was the vocals. Seems like every style they've ever used is better and in better balance--the clean, the screams, the lower growling screams, and of course Jadea Kelly. Obviously the rest of the music is incredible too as always. Overall, this somehow exceeds my expectations.
    Chris Adler did a damn good job on this album. Made it a tad more "metal" than usual, but I actually kinda prefer that.
    Great to see them put out a brilliant album without backing from a major record company and the production sounds great!
    After a year of lackluster releases from some of my other favorite bands, this album ****ing brings it. Album of the year IMO.
    This is probably it. This is probably my favorite PtH album unless they can make their next one even better, which I imagine that'd be tough. I feel like with this album, they've reached their peak as high as it can go. 12/10 Also, Skies has to be my favorite along with Plato's Tripartite. They're so emotionally riveting and so ****ing good instrumentally. Like, dammmmnnn!
    As soon as I heard clarity I knew that this record was going to be great. They sound so inspired, like they really gave a shit about making this record.
    So, will all of the idiots who immediately starting moaning as soon as Adler was announced now like to come back and eat their words? Incredible album!
    No. Adler did an amazing job, and I knew he would, but he's still a notch below Moe in my opinion. It's enough of a difference to knock this album from a perfect 10/10 down to a 9.5/10, which still makes it one of the best albums ever.
    That kind of opinion is totally legit, you've listened and objectively provided your feedback. I'm complaining about the derps who had written it off as soon as it was announced. I saw such ridiculous comments as "Well, that's it - PtH are finished. Adler is a one trick pony blah derp blah"
    heard this at the listening party.... Mist had an acoustic ending. The leak had the acoustic ending. The copy they sent out to us IGG contributors DIDNT have it. and now this stream has it... what the fark is going on? ANYWAY AMAZING ALBUM. OOOOH THEY BROUGHT IT and whats with the hate for Scurrilous? So many comment sections just ripping on it Dang I can't understand it. 11.2/10
    I don't think it's hate for Scurrilous as much as PTH fans consider the first two cd's the epitome of awesome. No matter how good Scurrilous was, there's just something over the top special about Kezia and Fortress
    this site sucks! just sayin..... and so do the mods who will only remove comments they dont agree with... instead of addressing real problems with the so called "site" later.
    Also, in case anyone didn't read on their band page: Arif won't be touring with the band 'til 2014.
    Riff is going to be doing a stage production. As much as it sucks I'm stoked that he has the opportunity to see it through. Cameron will be filling on bass and he's a sick musician and really friendly dude.
    I wish Arif the best of luck, for sure. Even the rest of the band are bummed out, especially Rody. Because of this I'm not really sure about seeing them on this tour [I have plans of seeing them in Greensboro, NC] because I was really looking forward to meeting Arif the most. If I don't go, it's nothing against them, I still love PtH no matter what, it's just it's kind of a bummer when you don't get to see one of your bass heroes on stage.
    I think everybody being too biased. I thought every song sounded the same. Skies, Clarity and A Life Embossed were the only songs that stuck out for me and didn't sound like a ripoff of the previous track. I think this is their worst work, I was quite disappointed.