QOTSA Entering Studio This Fall, Have 'More Than Enough New Songs'

Band "absolutely" ready to make a new album.

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Following the worldwide success of their latest studio effort "...Like Clockwork," Queens of the Stone Age have already confirmed their readiness to hit the studio once again and deliver a new record.

As frontman Josh Homme told Rolling Stone, we're in for a much shorter album break than the last one. Asked about being ready to make another record soon, Josh commented: "Absolutely. We have more than enough songs. We're booked 'til September, but after that we plan to jump in the studio and get going."

Homme continued, "When it's time to make music, that's about getting lost for me. To be a control freak is not half as good as being a freak who's casually in control. You're feeling around in the dark for something that feels good. As long as you're not in an orgy, that can be an amazing moment."

The band is already booked throughout the first quarter of 2014. Multiple summer festival dates are also confirmed, with an announcement of major UK fest gigs expected to drop soon.

In related news, the entire footage of QOTSA's Austin City Limits performance is officially available for streaming. Make sure to check it out below.

Back to the new album - do you think QOTSA can maintain their momentum and deliver yet another album of the year contender?

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    "You're feeling around in the dark for something that feels good. As long as you're not in an orgy, that can be an amazing moment." Josh Homme is awesome lol
    I've been itching for more after the first two weeks of listening to Like Clockwork religiously. Can't wait!!
    F*ck yeah! Like Clockwork is like a drug and I want more of it That said, when you're in an orgy feeling around in the dark for something that feels good can be an amazing moment too.
    That's the creepiest metaphor I've ever heard. EDIT: Hang on, just read Josh's comment. Sorry Broski, sounded like you were the type of guy who keeps a few people chained up in his basement.
    Honestly...I want more Them Crooked Vultures.
    Agreed man, I was also hoping for Another Vultures album... but then again, New tunes from the Queens is never a bad thing. The world needs more QOTSA.
    Looking forward to hearing more of Jon Theodores drumming. He only performed in one song off Like Clockwork and in my opinion it wasn't the best song to show his talents. Can't wait.
    Fuck yeah,for me-TCV fanatic-these are amazing news. So Dave and Co. are currently writing/recording an album,John Paul Jones is finishing his opera this year. And Josh is working on an another album this very year! Hoping for 2nd Them Crooked Vultures album in 2016. More artists and bands should be working like they did in the 60s/70s-new album every half and a year.
    Awesome news! So that talk about a quick follow-on was not just talk.... Bring it!
    Some of the stuff is likely to be from the ...Like Clockwork sessions, which means it is awesome... any new stuff will also be awesome. In a world of bands like KOL and Coldplay who suck more the bigger they get, thank god for Josh Homme and his band of merry men...
    If the next album has a shred of the brilliance LC brought to the table, it will still be awesome.
    Entering the studio in 9 months ? A lot can change by then..
    Exactly what I was thinking. I don't want to expect them entering the studio by fall, so that I won't be disappointed if they don't.
    Well it's a good thing they're not waiting 5 years to work on another one. That was too long of a wait.