QOTSA Giving Fans a Creepy Phone Call

Rockers use unusual methods to promote their upcoming release "...Like Clockwork."

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Things are looking creepy among the Queens of the Stone Age ranks with the latest launch of Likeclockwork.tv, a promotional website bound to take the level of anticipation for the group's upcoming release "...Like Clockwork" even higher. The horror site is now offering fans eerie phone calls and spooky messages.

Anyone brave enough to enter their number at the opening page will be granted an entrance to website's deeper chambers and a set of cryptic notes such as "Is there anybody out there, or am I just walking alone?", "Where are you hiding my love?" and "It begins. Monday," which refers to today's beginning of the "...Like Clockwork" preorder period. The phone number that you have entered will also receive a text regarding the new album.

Our guess on what exactly do such messages mean is as good as anyone's at the moment. We can most likely expect for the notes to be decoded as the June 4 release date gets closer.

QOTSA are currently busy promoting their latest single "My God is the Sun," which saw its live premiere during the band's Lollapalooza Brazil festival performance back in March. The upcoming studio effort will feature several guest stars, including the likes of Elton John, Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner.

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    And ... this works internationally (providing the correct area codes). I have great expectations of this album, it's gonna be awesome.
    Good promotion, I've just done this to like 20 of my friends... works in the UK as well with +44
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    What is wrong wit chu?
    That's extremely useful, I guess.
    Relevant: QOTSA just put out a new single today!!!!!
    This could be a mistake, but Wikipedia lists the length of this song at 60. Maybe they're cutting something out for the single?
    I was wondering the same thing... iTunes lists it as 6 minutes too. Maybe there's an extended outro.
    Major labels and movie studios frequently give freebies to kids willing to shamelessly plug their new releases on forums within their demographic. Universal does this all the time...pays people to go into forums and just post this garbage.
    Thats shit chat from him though, at least say iron man 3 is good... not all that shpeel
    haven't seen it yet either (but i'm interested). personally, you should have seen iron man 2 before the avengers. a LOT of stuff was linked to the avengers from that movie. i hope you enjoy the 3rd one, but to make note of what was already said, this had nothing to do with the article bro
    Well everyone here is talking about it now...mission successful if dudebud is right!
    While I feel that this comment deserves all the downvotes we can throw at it you have to admit it made this comments section much more entertaining.
    dont bother just go watch star trek soon, it's going to be loads better. It's obvious it's going to be better because it's got Benedict Cucumberpatch.
    Your troll skill is far inferior to what is accepted as good on the interwebs. You must improve.
    I found it to be a good movie, but the Mandarin twist was disappointing. Doubt you'll know the difference though if you've never read the comics and no one's told you. Also, QOTSA kick ass.
    Where do I enter my phone number again? When I open the page I just get that video for "I Appear Missing."
    Guess ill be the first to say Queens of the Stone Age = Garbage
    Garbage? I've heard this band on some festival last year but they didn't played any QOTSA songs. :x
    You'll be the last to say that. **cracks own neck just by tilting his head, then cracks knuckles**
    Ive tried to like them, Ive been told to like them, and it seems like critics dig them, but I just cant do it.
    What do people who go on news articles about bands people are excited about to tell those people those bands suck thinking, it is the lamest overused troll and has to be pretty ****ing boring by now. The only reasons I can think of are you somehow believe that you can say "your favourite band sucks" and their fans will just say "I've never thought about it that way, I guess you got a point" or you have lost your long term memory. Of course there is the third option that your life is so dull and meaningless that this actually seems worthwhile but that interpretation is to sad to contemplate.
    I used to love qotsa May have to check the new record out.
    So far the only "horror" comming from that website is the freakin lagspikes I get on my entire computer when I open the site.
    "Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails" has an unwanted reference. Everybody knows Trent Reznor.
    I liked My God Is the Sun Better, but I love the music video for I Appear Missing. SO bizarre and creative