QOTSA '...Like Clockwork': First Impressions

artist: Queens of the Stone Age date: 05/09/2013 category: new releases
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QOTSA '...Like Clockwork': First Impressions
The first review of Queens Of The Stone Age's new album "...Like Clockwork" have been posted online, and according to the five-star review, it sounds great. Antiquiet's Johnny Firecloud was the first journalist to get his mitts on the hotly anticipated new record, which has been in production for years after a difficult period for frontman Josh Homme. Firecloud says the new record is more real, direct and raw than previous QOTSA releases in terms of production and composition. In typically verbose fashion, Firecloud describes the album as "a trip of honest fragility bleeding through deeply layered textures and harmonies, a pendular swing volleying between forlorn vulnerability and fire-christened renewal." The album features a roster of super-musicians from all corners of the rock world, from Dave Grohl to Elton John, but Firecloud notes that their appearances are blended neatly into the surroundings rather than being given a spotlight; "there are no 'take it away Elton!' moments ... the glitter-s--tting rolodex of contributors on the album is a gathering of threads weaving through a tapestry, rather than ropes of highlighted selling-point rock embroidery," he says. Singer Josh Homme has previously stated that this album is a real-time document of the dramatic highs and lows over the past year, and Firecloud says this shines through in the sound of the record. "These are the sounds of fighting demons in real time," he notes. Queens of the Stone Age "...Like Clockwork" tracklisting: 01. Keep Your Eyes Peeled 02. I Sat By The Ocean 03. The Vampyre Of Time And Memory 04. If I Had A Tail 05. My God Is The Sun 06. Kalopsia 07. Fairweather Friends 08. Smooth Sailing 09. I Appear Missing 10. ...Like Clockwork
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