QOTSA Premiere Two New Tracks During a Live Studio Session

Josh Homme and co. debut "I Sat By The Ocean" and "If I Had A Tail" during a live radio session in Belgium.

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With the hype over the new Queens of the Stone Age release, "...Like Clockwork," ramping up to an all-time high after the release of the latest video single "I Appear Missing," US rockers have decided to unchain even more of the new material.

So during a recent Club 69 radio session in Belgium, the five-piece has agreed to take two of the new tracks, "I Sat by the Ocean" and "If I Had a Tail," and give them an exclusive worldwide live premiere.

Both tunes stick to simple, yet effective riffing formulas and judging by the initial fan reactions, manage to deliver what the fans have been long expecting. "I Sat by the Ocean" can be found as the second song on the new album, while "If I Had a Tail" studio version features guest appearances from Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner, Nick Oliveri and Brody Dale. You can check out both songs below.

As a follow-up to 2007's "Era Vulgaris," "...Like Clockwork" is scheduled to drop on June 4 via Matador Records as the sixth studio effort in the group's catalogue. The band has previously also launched a gloomy Likeclockwork.tv website, offering fans creepy phone calls and kicking off the pre-order period.

The new record's first single, "My God is the Sun," was streamed in its entirety during last month after an exclusive live premiere at this year's edition of Lollapalooza Brazil festival.

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    Thank you, Belgium! First all your great beers, now this. I'm eternally grateful!
    they played 6 songs of ...like clockwork: -My God is the Sun -I Sat By the Ocean -If I Had A Tail -Keep Your Eyes Peeled -The Vampyre of Time and Money -I Appear Missing but only I Sat By the Ocean and If I Had A Tail were broadcasted.
    Who is Broody Dale?
    The front woman of the Distillers who also happens to be Josh's wife.
    I believe MattHessing was making a joke of the fact that they misspelled her name.
    When listening to some of these new songs, I hear Queens of the Stone Age thrown through a Them Crooked Vultures filter, and I don't mean that in any negative way. Bring on the new era of Queens.
    They've definitely progressed from the desert stuff they started out with. All of it's awesome!
    I almost don't want to hear any more. It's like when a movie trailer gives away too much. I want that sweet satisfaction of putting the needle on the record for the first time and being swept away.
    One of the few bands that is getting better and better and better by each album. Not mention changing up their sound with each album!
    I personally don't Era Vulgaris was better than the ones before it. It had a few good tracks but just went a little bit off the rails in the wrong sort of way. But then every band has that one album and like Clockwork is shaping up to possibly even be better than Songs for the Deaf.
    Nice to hear more new stuff by Queens Of The Stone Age. This keeps sounding better and better.
    'If I had a Tail' is an awesome song; for some reason, since they announced the track titles I was quite intrigued by this one.
    Josh, I don't need any more reasons to buy your album. Stop teasing me, man. Ah, who am I kidding...PLASE LEAK MORE SONGS!
    Facebook comment from QOTSA (about "I Sat By the Ocean"): Joey Castillo-Drums, Claps Dean Fertita- Wurly, Piano, Guitar, Slide Guitar Joshua Homme- Vocals, Guitar, Slide Guitar, Shakers Michael Shuman- Vocals, Bass, Tambourine Troy Van Leeuwen- Guitar, Claps
    All four tracks so far are absolutely KILLER, and grow on me with each listen. I've had some very guarded optimism for this album for a long time, and my guard is now completely down. These 4 songs stand up against anything theyve ever released, and I cant believe I'm saying that this could actually be the best Queens album yet!
    Sat by the Ocean??? I'm going to let this one breathe a little bit more for me. If I had a Tail is decent and its a good groove. So far Keep Your Eye's Peeled is my fav. That riff is absolutely bludgeoning
    I want to hear the title track that Jon Theodore plays on. Probably the best thing on the album.
    Fucking love them. They all sound good the first time you hear them and then they grow to be amazing with each new listen. Can't wait till next month! I'm starting to think QotSA could actually pull off an album to match the stupendous amount of hype that surrounds it.
    i feel surprisingly unimpressed by these two songs at the moment, but usually when that happens they become my favs later on. who knows. if i had a tail has an eerie early cure sound to it tho.
    I listened to both about 50 times. Reminds me a lot of Homme's work in Eagles of Death Metal. I love both bands
    Very excited for this album, fantastically QOTSA atmospheres!