QOTSA Preview Elton John Clip

Josh Homme shows a softer side in this piano-led clip which shows the master album being cut by a vinyl-cutting machine.

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Queens of the Stone Age have posted a clip of new music featuring Elton John on piano.

The 23-second preview shows a machine cutting the vinyl master of their new album "... Like Clockwork." Elton John was announced as a collaborator on the new record in February, and while he hasn't been officially confirmed as the pianist on this clip, we're assuming a hard-rocking band like QOTSA don't have many piano ballads on the new record.

You can hear the new song preview in the player below.

Meanwhile, frontman Josh Homme recently talked about other musicians on the new album which includes Dave Grohl, a long-time collaborator with QOTSA having played drums on their 2002 classic "Songs For The Deaf."

"I have a special relationship with Dave," Homme told BBC Radio 1 while previewing the debut single from the new album. "I've known him since I was 19. He makes something good, great. If something's mediocre he makes it great."

Hear the clip from Queens of the Stone Age music featuring Elton John here:

YouTube preview picture

What do you think? Is it a little too soft for your tastes, or does this hint at a broad and ambitious comeback for the band? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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    I like it. I guess the song will explode somewhere in the middle, because I've read an interview where Elton said that it's a heavy track.
    I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about this song. I heard this isn't the Elton John song. so i guess we'll see cause I'm fairly curtain. I can definatly see this song continuing in a heavier/deeper fashion as the song progresses. So I could be wrong, or they maybe Elton John is on a song that's heavy all thwe way through, theres a thought.
    I guess a lot of people here dislike piano tracks, but as for me it's kind of amazing.
    I like piano tracks. I disslike being told to get a new clip and instead see a phone recording of another recording (yo dawg) for a short period of time, not unveiling all that much.
    QOTSA Preview Elton John Clip. *Clicks on link* Find out that UG have once again told lies so that we can all read their articles about nothing.
    It's not Elton. He's on a hard rockin' track. That said, this is awesome. Also, everyone should know that this song is "...Like Clockwork". Antiquiet confirmed it.
    They already said that the Elton John track is something pretty heavy...so this is probably just an intro or something. Either way sounds killer!
    Love it. I wouldn't mind a ballad from QOTSA. Even if this doesn't get heavy, it'll still be great like their other "ballads"-"This Lullaby" and "I Never Came"
    "...and while he hasn't been officially confirmed as the pianist on this clip..." "Hear the clip from Queens of the Stone Age music featuring Elton John here:" Sounds like UG confirmed it.
    I didn't even think about JPJ... could be JPJ if it's not Elton... PLEASE BE JPJ!!! lol
    Im liking it. If it's anything like Eltons - Funeral For A Friend then it's gonna be great. What a song.