QOTSA Reboot Recording Sessions

Josh Homme is back in the studio with his band now that his legal battle with former bandmates in Kyuss has settled down - despite promising a new QOTSA album by the end of 2011.

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Queens Of The Stone Age have re-booted their recording sessions for the long-awaited follow-up to 2007's "Era Vulgaris".

The band posted the simple status update "Recording" last night, then followed it this morning with "Told ya" and the image below of a guitar in the studio. Tens of thousands of fans have "liked" each message.

The on-going sessions raise questions about the new album. Frontman Josh Homme had previously insisted recording would be complete before the close of 2011. "Our record will be done by the end of the year. We have enough songs," he said at the time (via Spinner).

By December, the band were holed up in Homme's desert recording studio where he posted updates saying it sounded "killer" but couldn't confirm a release (via NME).

Why the long delay? Perhaps the spat between Homme and his former bandmates in Kyuss has disrupted proceedings.

Kyuss had rebooted in recent years under the banner Kyuss Lives! and toured live with Homme's blessing, but when he discovered their intentions to "steal" the original Kyuss trademark he took legal action in an attempt to defend the band's legacy.

A judge ruled this week on a preliminary injunction which officially bans Kyuss Lives! from recording new material under that name.

It appears that the ruling has freed Homme's time to regroup his efforts on the forthcoming Queens Of The Stone Age album. As one of the most anticipated rock albums in years, its release can't come soon enough.

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    Now this is something to get excited about. I'd like some new Them Crooked Vultures too please. Ta.
    Can't wait for this. It's been too long since the last QOTSA album.
    The jury has been out for SO long... ...wait! The jury is in! verdict: retarded!
    whoa! I got so many thumbs down! look up "Turnin on the Screw", first track off of Era Vulgaris, guys. It's from that...damn!
    Man I thought its already done and our on way. I have high hopes for this one - Josh grew so much musically while playing in TCV-his voice and guitar playing. Guess its not coming out this year,any info at that?
    Agree. TCV was very challenging for Josh but he pulled it off very nicely. But I believe QOTSA really improved and tightened live during the Era Vulgaris ...era especially with Joey Castillo getting more comfortable with the material and adding his own flair. Compare their live shows nowadays to the one in Over The Years And Through The Woods (Lullabies To Paralyze tour) to get my point.
    Yeah I thought they said this album was already done. Last thing I heard was that the release was being delayed because Josh was busy tearing up the colons of his old Kyuss bandmates. This news actually kind of pisses me off, cause now we probablly have another year to wait, and its already been 5 since Era Vulgaris!
    Awesome can't wait! Homme has been a consistently good musician since he started, looking forward to the new thing he comes out with.
    Happy to get some new QOTSA finally. My Songs for the Deaf and Rated R copies are all worn out.
    One of my personal favourite and most under-rated guitarists : Josh Homme. Anyone doubting this comment just listen to 'Welcome To Sky Valley' or 'Songs For The Deaf.' Shame about the Kyuss spat though, now that would be a reunion worth paying for...unlike G'N'R!!!!
    this is awesome, but John Paul Jones really needs to drag Grohl and Homme's asses back into the studio to record another Vultures album.
    Finally! It's been way too long since these guys recorded something. Era Vulgaris was not my favorite album of theirs, but the simple fact that they are in the studio is enough to get excited about.
    Root Beer
    I'm not concerned; each time they delay the release, that just means they're working to make it that much better.
    New QotSA could be nice, but I was really looking forward to new Kyuss. Damn it, Homme.
    Well, why is he always part of that collective? It's hardly a band if it's one dictatorial presence behind every decision. The bands you idolize, who made the music you hold dear, were made up of equal members, not one owner with employees.
    QOTSA has always been about collaboration with different people, with Josh Homme at the center, much like Nine Inch Nails or The Shins. Also Lanegan has been on every record since the second one, I doubt he won't appear on this one.
    No Lanegan = No Queens. Who cares about Josh Homme's hired guns band? Everyone slags Axl, but Josh gets a free ride.
    No Lanegan = No Queens? I like Lanegan too but please.... And Josh did not go nuts firing his whole band. Most of the people that have played with Queens were only doing so while they weren't busy with their other bands. Sure he fired Nick, but Nick was completely out of control.
    Josh has said from the beginning that QotSA would be a collective with changing membership, in many ways an outgrowth of the Desert Sessions approach. So, aside from the disciplinary issue with Nick, sounds like his intent was for the group to evolve over time anyway.
    what we really need is Nick back him and Josh had one of the tightest guitarist/bassist teams ever.
    It is just impossible to talk about QotSA without x number of morons complaining about bringing back old members. They don't need Nick (and haven't since he left IMO), the changing dynamic of this band is what makes them come out with such awesome albums every time.
    The only thing that makes me regret Nick being in the band is that QotSA doesn't play anymore such awesome songs as Autopilot or Gonna Leave You (and others).
    He only ever recorded on two albums. Not that crucial a member. Heck, Ben Shepherd from Soundgarden played on just as many releases for Desert Sessions as Oliveri did for Queens.
    Root Beer
    Hell, he was never even a MEMBER; he just guested here and there. Saying the band isn't complete without someone who was never even in the band is ridiculous; it's only EVER needed Josh. And Oliveri is just ****ed up; he held his GF hostage and beat her. Not someone Josh wants in his band.
    Fuck, Homme, you've been telling that QotSA were about to start recording since last year... starting now? FFFFFUUUUU Anyway, I'm still glad that we're getting new QotSA, anyway.
    Collaboration entails there being a democratic group of equals. There *is* no "Queens" of the Stone Age. Just the Josh Homme band.
    I don't know who manages UG news but they should get their heads out of their asses. I submitted 2 weeks ago a news on an interview of Troy by fender ([url]http://www.fender.com/en-CA/news/index.p... ticle=930[/url]) which states : "Were looking to hand in the record in November and have a release next year, hopefully first quarter. And then, well be on tour for about two years. Thats just what were talking about, but were going to tour a lot.". Buy you know what? Facebook status updates are so much more interesting...
    Stop saying that Josh fired Lanegan & co., that's just BS. As someone said above, Mark is present on every and each album from Rated R to EV. He just stopped touring with them, probably because of his own works with Isobel Campbell or his solo materials. Having said that, by the time QotSA start touring to support their new record, Mark might have finished his own tour with the Mark Lanegan Band... So Mark, if you read this : if you're bored while you're not on tour, feel free to join the Queens, I'm pretty sure there will always be a mic waiting for you there!
    "Ultraviolet Robot" is the potential name of the album. although that's only based on the random-ass website that has been posted.