QOTSA Recruit Mark Lanegan

Their former co-singer on "Rated R" and "Songs For The Deaf" is back for QOTSA's long awaited new album.

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Queens Of The Stone Age have confirmed that former collaborator Mark Lanegan will appear on their forthcoming album.

The singer featured heavily on their breakthrough albums "Rated R" and "Songs For The Deaf", and frequently toured with the band. Hear him sing "Hangin' Tree" in the player below.

"Lanegan came by. He didn't say much, but he sang good," said the simple Facebook update from the band which confirmed his contribution.

He joins a lineup of superstar names who will feature on the long-awaited album, which was originally scheduled to be completed by late 2011. They include Dave Grohl on drums, Scissor Sisters singer Jake Shears, Trent Reznor who is helping with electronic production, and former bassist Nick Oliveri who was fired from the band in 2004.

Describing the album, band leader Josh Homme previously called it "lyrically vulnerable, but I also think it's sort of musically deeper and richer, and it's a little bit stranger ... this record basically sounds like you're running in a dream the whole time."

Hear Mark Lanegan singing "Hangin' Tree" live with Queens Of The Stone Age here:

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    I fully expect an announcement next week that this album will also feature Darth Vader on saxophone, Chuck Norris on bongos, and Buddha on the triangle.
    Basically the one person left most QOTSA fans wanted involved and they deliver! Well Played QOTSA, well played. Though I feel sorry for them a bit because the expectations for this album are sky rocketing, I will be amazed if they can meet them. If one band can though it's QOTSA.
    So let's review: QOTSA (minus Joey, but moving on) Dave Grohl Nick Oliveri Trent Reznor Jake Shears (hey, it'll probably be cool) Mark Lanegan ...all on the same f*cking record. Some people reunited, some new people joining in. I hat the over usage of the word "Epic", but...epic.
    Yahoo! My actual life is crumbling, but all my hopes and dreams have come true about the upcoming QOTSA album!
    hey hey bot hey This is the internet. People don't use names like "Patricia" here. Throw in an "If you think DongfaceMcDoinYourMom257", and you might score a lucky guess and match up with a real comment.
    More and more I get the feeling this upcomming album will be absolutely tremendous.
    Its about ****ing time they got recruited him! I'm in all honesty looking forward to this more than I was before.
    Can this lineup get any awesomer?
    Tom Morello. Oh my days that would be incredible.
    Interesting idea that would've never occurred to me...especially thinking of some of Homme's guitar sounds on Era Vulgaris, those two duelling could produce something quite special
    "Lanegan came by. He didn't say much, but he sang good," said the simple Facebook update from the band four days ago. Give us some up to date news articles once in a while guys please!!
    I think that someone called this a few weeks back on this website. This album is gonna be awesome.
    I think about 300 people have been calling this on this website over the past few weeks. We all may need to calm down though and slow some expectations about what all these "classic lineup" members returning actually means. For all we know, Lanegan and Oliveri were just brought in to record vocals on a verse here, and maybe some backround vocals there. Unlike what they did on Songs for the Deaf and Rated R, there's nothing to suggest that Oliver recorded any bass, or that either did any writing or extensive contributions of any kind. Although I'm super excited for this record, I'm not gonna trap myself by setting expectations so high that anything less than the next White Album will dissapoint me
    Vicryl 2.0
    i love Mark Lanegan.. his like pissed all the time. he should hang out with tom waits too... haha
    Why is there absolutely no mention of Mark Lanegan's groundbreaking work with The Screaming Trees?
    Flying Afros
    All the true fans will know who The Screaming Trees are.
    true! But the dude has a point they are sorely underrated, one reviewer once said about them "If Screaming Trees were better looking, they might have been called Pearl Jam"